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The Best Showit Templates for Coaches

If you’re a business coach looking into getting a Showit website, you’re in the right spot. Here at Tonic Site Shop, we create beautiful Showit templates for coaches, photographers, and other creative professionals.

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Why a Big-Name Designer Chose a TONIC Template Instead of Designing Her Website from Scratch

Meet Emmy - a skilled designer, inspiring educator, and imaginative creative whose talent and passion have led her to dream clients and brands. She’s passionate about “bringing visual life to the art of storytelling,” and this vision has truly come to life in her design work. And her work is STUNNING.

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She Almost Walked Away From Her Company. How a TONIC Template Turned Burnout Into Reignited Passion.

Elena is the brains (and beauty) behind Modern Market, a marketplace for creative entrepreneurs, providing content and resources that are ready to go for brands, so they can easily personalize it to their passion, purpose, and style and start connecting with their ideal clients right away. 

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How To Write Email Newsletters Your Audience Wants To Read

Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Jen—former email marketing hater. Two years ago, email marketing was my least favorite thing I did for our business. And it definitely wasn’t generating a giant chunk of our revenue. In fact, while I knew we “had to have an email list” because blah blah, there’s no algorithm, you […]

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Why Storytelling Is The Most Important Marketing Skill To Have

Hi, I’m Jen. And I believe pretty much any situation can be turned into content.  Random sign I saw on the street? Newsletter. Cricket in my garage? Newsletter.  Getting chewed out by a stranger over text who thought I was a scammer? Newsletter.  Running into former Etiquette teacher at an event and her asking me—at […]

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A Very TONIC Christmas: Cookie & Cocktail Recipes to Celebrate the Season


If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know we would never miss the chance to make pretty websites cookies or cocktails. Ever. If you’re a true OG, you may even remember Jeff & Darren’s annual (and famous) Cookies & Cocktails party — famous in the greater Pacific Northwest region. (It’s TONIGHT!) We’re firm […]

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Writing a High-Converting Services Page

We’ve come to the final part & page of this series—the money-making page! Well, sort of. Obviously everything we’ve been covering throughout the Website Copy Made Easy series has been leading up to this point. Which means, it’s all working in tandem to help you earn sales or bookings. New to the series? Catch up […]

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How to Prepare for a Brand Photo Shoot

Before we dive into the HOW, let’s quickly chat through the WHY of a brand shoot, shall we?  Think of your brand shoot photos as the key ingredient you need to create scroll-stopping content that’ll draw your people in. Without the main ingredient for your perfect cocktail, it won’t taste right.  The same goes for […]

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How TONIC Templates Convert More Clients + Make You More Money

It’s no secret that we are all about letting our clients tell their TONIC stories (hello, social proof), and when it comes to stats? They’ve got some staggering numbers that speak to how TONIC Showit templates have done WORK. Our TONIC Templates Do the Hard Work For You We hear it over and over. People […]

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10 Reasons Why We Love Showit

Trying to learn more about Showit? Thinking of switching your website to the Showit platform, comparing Showit vs. Squarespace, Showit vs. WordPress, wondering if Showit works with video content, includes hosting, or something along those lines? Here’s our breakdown of the top ten reasons you should switch to Showit! Do you recall the game ‘Show […]

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How to Write a Personality & Reader-Driven About Page

We’ve officially come to the 4th part of the Website Copy Made Easy (well, easier) series, but don’t worry, it’s a jam-packed one. With site best practices, creating the foundation, and tackling the ever-important Home page out of the way, it’s now time to zero in on your site’s other top page—your About page, of […]

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How to Decode Google Analytics

There is only one type of traffic that we truly welcome here at TONIC. And that’s site traffic. We exist to give you an elevated website. But even more than that, we exist to give you a website that works. What works and doesn’t work on the worldwide web, well, that’s a numbers game. And […]

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The Biggest Signs You Need a New Website in 2023 (9 Key Questions to Ask)

Ok, so maybe your website is pretty functional – I mean, hey, you have a website for your business or brand (and we think that deserves a trophy), but is it all that it could be? Is your website working for you? Is it attracting your dream clients? Is it making you money? Before you […]

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