The Best Showit Templates for Coaches

Summary If you’re a business coach looking into getting a Showit website, you’re in the right spot. Here at Tonic Site Shop, we create beautiful Showit templates for coaches, photographers, and other creative professionals. In the always-rising sea of educators and coaches,  it’s both incredibly important AND increasingly difficult to stand out as a business […]

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How to Add Your Interact Quiz to Showit

, we’re not just going to show you how to add a quiz to your Showit website; we’re also going to teach you how to create a quiz that actually converts. We’re giving you ALL the secrets we’ve learned over the years, so you can have a successful quiz overnight.

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Showit SEO Questions Answered - Tonic Site Shop

Your Top Showit Website SEO Questions: Answered

We get a lot of questions about Showit SEO and we’re here to answer all of them. …Ok, so if we answered them all we could end up with a novel, but we’re definitely here to answer the top SEO questions that you have when it comes to getting your Showit template souped up for […]

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Love at First Site: How She Got Her First Lead Within an Hour of Launching Her New Website

Meet Chanel Lauren! She’s a social media marketing strategist helping entrepreneurs find freedom while building their brands and businesses. She is also the babe behind Born To Beach™, a mindset and a way of living a life of inspired intention.  Chanel’s story proves how finding a website that truly fits her personality has made all […]

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How She Got 75% More Enquiries Since Going Live

Meet The Luxury Copywriter! Maisie Prior is a UK-Based Copywriter changing the business trajectory of travel, beauty, jewelry, and lifestyle brands through the power of words. And her approach to copywriting means listening to a client’s vision and finding the words to make it happen. When she discovered TONIC, she says it was the first […]

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She Almost Walked Away From Her Company. How a TONIC Template Turned Burnout Into Reignited Passion.

Elena is the brains (and beauty) behind Modern Market, a marketplace for creative entrepreneurs, providing content and resources that are ready to go for brands, so they can easily personalize it to their passion, purpose, and style and start connecting with their ideal clients right away.  Here’s the back story: While her business continued its […]

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Why a Big-Name Designer Chose a TONIC Template Instead of Designing Her Website from Scratch

Meet Emmy – a skilled designer, inspiring educator, and imaginative creative whose talent and passion have led her to dream clients and brands. She’s passionate about “bringing visual life to the art of storytelling,” and this vision has truly come to life in her design work. And her work is STUNNING. As her business grew, […]

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Imagery Curation + Integration Tips for Showit Sites

One of the most challenging parts of managing your online presence is definitely curating the content for your website. We hear this over and over from new business owners to ten-year veterans, so we know the struggle is real. This week we’re digging into our tried and true ways to create content that connects and […]

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Starting Over Isn't Giving Up

Starting Over Isn’t Giving Up

In retrospect, I should’ve known better. In the south, especially where I grew up in Central Texas, holiday food is sacred. All traditions revolve around food. What you eat, how you eat it, when you eat, and the football game you watch before or after you eat it — that’s the fabric of your family legacy. […]

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My COVID Test Results Are In

My COVID Test Results Are In

I’m not going to lie… when I imagine my ideal Sunday morning, it doesn’t involve giving my brain stem a light stir. Let me back up. (And buckle up, because we’re back with the #longandweird.) If you’ve been around since last Friday, you know our blessed unicorn of a Brand Manager + Integrator, Christina, stepped […]

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