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10 Reasons Why We Love Showit

Trying to learn more about Showit? Thinking of switching your website to the Showit platform, comparing Showit vs. Squarespace, Showit vs. WordPress, wondering if Showit works with video content, includes hosting, or something along those lines?

Here’s our breakdown of the top ten reasons you should switch to Showit!

Do you recall the game ‘Show and Tell,’ from elementary school? For the Gen Z’ers reading this, and since we’re not actually sure if schools even do this anymore, it was a way to let students share something interesting about themselves or their families. They’d bring in an item to show and then tell the class about what makes it interesting or different. While this sort of activity seemed fun at the time (think: elementary school version of a cool BTS or personal moment you’re let in on via TikTok or Instagram today — but IRL — and with your Tamagochi nearby) there’s actually something to it. Especially when it comes to business. If you’re anything like us when making a purchasing decision, business decision, or any kind of decision really… we need you to tell us why it’s good and we need you to show us that it works. Can you relate? 

When it comes to your online presence, namely, your website… you have to walk your talk. You have to tell your ideal clients what you do — and then you have to show them two things: (1) why only you can do it that certain way, and (2) that you can do it for them, too.

Enter: Showit.

The website builder created to enable business owners to walk their talk online. Showit empowers those seeking a stellar website to not only talk about what they’re capable of, but create an online hub that shows it (& that looks damn good in the process, too). 

Our inbox is often flooded with questions about Showit — the platform itself, the functionality behind it, and what it can do for their website. We create designs exclusively for Showit — and with good reason. So in this post, we want to talk about why we love Showit (so much so that if TONIC was an actual person… it would be exclusively dating Showit). We like strong drinks and strong opinions so we’re really going to hit this home with 10 reasons why we love Showit. Here goes.

01 – Showit Won’t Kill Your Design Vibe

Showit promotes leaning into your design vibe. The backend of Showit used to manipulate your design offers complete creative freedom. And we mean complete. Using a visual design dashboard, you can select any element to change, move, duplicate or delete as you see fit. There are no restrictions when it comes to your site pages and bringing forth your creative vision for your site, page by page — but also element by element. Unlike Squarespace other website builders 👀, there is no grid structure restricting your vision. If you dream it, you can create it. 

And while Showit does offer blank designs, we don’t recommend starting with a completely blank site. Instead, by using a TONIC design as your base you can achieve that dream site you’re envisioning — but much more quickly and effectively with the essential base elements in place. You can get from A to B much more efficiently when you begin with a design that inspires and incites creativity — but also includes all of the must-have elements built to convert that you’re seeking. If you want to see just how creative you can get with a TONIC template… may we introduce you to the Customer Showcase? Basically, this is ground zero to see the major creative potential you can get within your TONIC design, all thanks to Showit’s vibe-encouraging dashboard.

02 – It’s like Canva, but for your Website (& honestly, better)

Everything you love about Canva is found (& truly elevated) via Showit. Set brand colors. Check. Upload and add custom fonts. Check. Add logo. Check. And with those three to-dos complete… your template already starts to look like yours. Showit’s drag and drop functionality makes it super easy to select elements, either separately or collectively, to make adjustments to specific sections, pages, or your site overall. Whether the change you want to make is exclusive or universal… it can be done. And get this: without knowing one line of code. Make adjustments, changes, or complete overhauls throughout your site — then preview and publish the changes instantly. 

More than that, with TONIC designs — what you see on the demo site is what you see when you import the design into the Showit dashboard. Simply swap the imagery, update the copy, and update the brand settings to be launch-ready in literally no time.

It’s really this easy!

03 – Tailored, Fully-Customizable Mobile Design

Most platforms tout their “responsive” design, but you don’t have any control over how your site shows up on mobile… Hello, random “orphan” words on lines by themselves! With Showit, you’re able to completely control your mobile experience (i.e. 70% of your traffic, per!) apart from your desktop design. Here’s how it works: When you change anything on desktop, that change is reflected instantly on mobile (we recommend you design both, side by side, more on that HERE). From there you can further adjust mobile to ensure everything’s NSYNC, we mean, in sync, visually. 

As you likely know, mobile users tend to navigate sites on their phones a bit differently. Your TONIC design not only includes the mobile version, but we’ve considered and implemented the necessary mobile modifications such as larger text to read from a device, enhanced button size to make selecting the button thumb-friendly, and more. Mobile traffic is on the rise and you can figure out the percentage of users viewing your site on mobile via your Google Analytics (how to find that information HERE) — to see just how well your site performs on mobile and how many people are looking at your site from their phone. The percentage may be higher than you think so your mobile design needs to convert well, if not better, than your desktop site.

TONIC designs are one step ahead on the mobile design front – so you can be one step closer to resonating with your ideal client… no matter how they find you online.

Our Bijou template looking beautiful on mobile as seen on the Amina Studios site!

04 – Built-In SEO Tools

You might be wondering, is Showit good for SEO? Real talk: We have customers ranking at #1 for incredibly competitive keywords because of Showit’s built-in SEO tools and WordPress integration make it easy for you to be found. Because Showit loves you, they provide the necessary SEO tools, directly in the dashboard to keyword your pages, set the text tags of each line of copy on your site, and even name your images so the Google bots can read your site, ya know, as well as bots can. Gone are the days of cryptic SEO tactics to mysteriously show up on page one of Google. Showit wants you to rank for the industry you’re in. So, they do what Showit does — and they help make the whole process of website design, development, and management as optimized as possible. 

Your TONIC designs come fully loaded with nitty-gritty details like your Text Tags already set, for example. Where Showit optimizes the platform for SEO, we do our best to ensure that our designs capitalize on these benefits so you can ultimately… save time, launch your site quickly, AND rank. 
(Quick shameless plug: if you need more information on the SEO capabilities specific to Showit, Ryan Moreno of Moreno Collective is an actual guru on the topic. He has tons of free SEO resources, including the Simply SEO Newsletter, that educate Showit users on how to leverage these tools to land on page one of Google.)

05 – WordPress Integration

Speaking of things Showit does to make life easier for its users, we have to touch on the WordPress integration. Showit provides website hosting, but they also set up your blog on WordPress, the #1 longstanding blogging platform. What this means for you: (1) If you’re starting a new blog, you can do so on the most powerful blogging platform that automatically ties into your site (once your site is live) with each post published, or (2) If you have blog content on a WordPress site (or even Squarespace), and you want to switch to Showit, they can migrate your existing blog content for you. With the WordPress integration, you can access countless top-tier plugins, e-commerce capabilities, and more based on your business needs.

Annnd TONIC designs include the blog template with the functionality situated on the backend to commence your blog migration upon launching your site. And here’s the best part: you can make changes to your blog design in Showit, outside of your WordPress dashboard (where you just write and schedule your posts), which makes bringing even your blog design up to par with your vision is as simple as updating the rest of your site in Showit. Say goodbye to your WordPress designer… you’ll take it from here. 🥂

06 – Showit Plays Nice With Other Tools

At this point you may be thinking okay, great, but what about everything else I have integrated with my current site. And we get it — from opt-ins (Flodesk, TONIC regulars can save 50% with this link Mailchimp, etc) to CRMS (Dubsado, Honeybook, and more!) and even membership logins — it can be overwhelming to even *think* about getting all of that set up on another platform. But it’s possible. And not only is it possible (yup, you guessed it), it’s easy!

Showit understands the landscape of running a successful business in 2023 — your website is not only the hello to your customers it’s the freaking HUB for you. So, yes, all the backend things that keep your business up and running can be integrated into Showit. They have this amazing HTML Code Box that you can add to any page or any section of your site. Utilizing that magic little box, you can embed anything you want. And before you’re like, “wait, I thought you said I didn’t have to code?” You don’t. If you can copy and paste, you can make this HTML box work. Simply copy and paste the provided code from the third-party site you want to integrate the code from — and viola!

When using a TONIC design, there are strategically placed CTAs (calls to action) throughout the design included to prompt you on where to put those exactly. Simply swap out the placeholder box with the HTML Code Box instead to create fully-integrated (once live!) opt-ins throughout your site that works with your email marketing provider, for example. This encourages your ideal client to take action on your site — and getting it all set up is no sweat.

07 – Killer Video Content Integration

Of the top questions that land in our inbox, “can I add video?” is up there among the most asked. The answer: YES! And that’s really, really good news because the conversion rate for websites that use videos is on average 4.8% more than websites without video (Hubspot).  Showit makes it SUPER easy to add video (and gifs!) throughout your site, capturing your viewer’s attention. Video content is also a fun way to infuse some personality and reliability into your digital space.

While TONIC designs include example video headers and page breaks — you can add a video to your site wherever you see fit. Bottom line: it’s possible with Showit. And thank goodness for that because video content is increasingly necessary (side-eyes our “reels to create” list — good thing we have a TONIC Canva Stories + Reel Covers template for that!)

I mean, how high impact is THIS?

08 – Stellar Customer Support

Most website platforms are known for terrible — or nonexistent — customer support. Good luck contacting anyone with WordPress or Squarespace! Showit, on the other hand, staffs a team of humans (can’t stress how rare this is!), caring, friendly tech specialists who actually want to help you with your problem. In fact, they say, “We’re on a mission to provide the friendliest support on the planet, complete with GIFs and emojis that make asking for website help utterly delightful.” Last we checked, getting customer support ANYWHERE these days is less than an utter delight. But Showit proves it, time and time again. And our TONIC Regulars (as we so lovingly refer to our design users) rave about the stellar support they receive from the Showit team throughout the design process all. the. time. 

Oh, and consider Team TONIC the B-team support for your design! So, you basically get TWO (all human, might we add) teams of people ready, able, and willing to help with any questions you have.

09 – Easily Updated, so YOU* Control Your Website

We talk about the importance of being able to easily update and control your website in this post HERE. But it’s worth reiterating that the ability to easily update and control your website is a direct correlation to the platform on which you build your site. If the platform is easy, user-friendly, and gives you the ability to adapt, iterate and INNOVATE… then it’s unlikely that your site will grow stale. When you introduce the ability to be agile on your website, hear us when we say this: the possibilities are endless. The ability to innovate (& do so quickly) is very real. If you have an idea, imagine bringing it to your LIVE site that very day. When you’re in control — you say go and it’s a GO. 

And we create our designs with future you in mind. They’re ready to go “out of the box” BUT they’re built to grow with your business, too. Finally, walk in confidence that you hold the reigns — not only creatively but tactically — on your website.

10 – Fun to Use

Let us cue you into a little secret, okay? You don’t have to hate designing or making updates to your website. In fact, it can be fun (& heck, we think it should be fun)! While many platforms require a lot of effort to get off the ground or to make your website your own, with Showit, you’re immediately designing. You can get your website up in a matter of hours. No seriously, hours. Forget Stanford Business School, you will feel like you’ve graduated from Hogwarts by the time your site is live. You can create actual MAGIC within Showit. And we can’t wait to see the magic you create. 

If we had to guess, the reason you clicked to read this post (and made it to this point!) is that something within you is thinking about making a switch in website platforms. And trust us, we fully understand your reservation and even overwhelm as you consider taking the leap. The points above hopefully diminish any fear regarding the functionality of Showit and its capabilities — no matter your business scope or size. So now, we want to ask you this: what’s the cost of not making the switch to Showit? You can: 

✔️ Stay stuck in a website that doesn’t feel right for the direction you want your business to go

✔️ Remain limited by hiring a website designer to make necessary updates and changes (& pay a fee each and every time with no guarantee they’ll deliver on your vision)

✔️ Potentially lose clients / customers because your site isn’t converting for you

✔️ Continue to kill yourself on social media because you’d rather people find you there (on a platform, again, you have no control over) than on your website 

Orrrrr you can make the choice to boldly switch platforms and surprise yourself at how far you’ve come — 6 weeks, 6 months, or even a year from now! If this resonates with you: what’ll it be? We hope you take a sure chance on yourself, your business, and the future of your online presence, too. 

Want more resources as to why we love Showit?

These are for you:

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✔️ Is Showit Good For SEO?

✔️ The Showit Getting Started Guide

✔️ The Showit Launch Guide: Your Complete Website Checklist

✔️ Get started with Showit with a gift from us. When you’re ready to subscribe, use the code “TONIC” and get a free month of Showit!

If you have questions about Showit, anything mentioned in this post, or if X (enter the integration in question!) will work on your site via Showit, shoot us an email. We love to not only hear from you but want to show you how to integrate the tools you need (& we likely have examples of live sites with that integration in action). We’ve got our eye on the inbox — and we’re ready to SHOW you, now that we’ve TOLD you why we’re clearly obsessed with Showit. 😉

Do not delte - Ryan
Do not delte - Ryan

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