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Is Showit Good For SEO?

When you build your entire business around creating templates for a specific website platform like Showit, you’re gonna get questions about that website platform—want to know what the most common ones we always get asked are?

→ Is Showit good for SEO? 

→ Does Showit have good SEO? 

→ Is optimizing your site for SEO easy to do on Showit?

→ Please for the love of God tell me Showit has good SEO so I can feel confident about buying one of your gorgeous Showit website templates? Is it? IS IT???

(Okay, we may have made that last one up. But you get the gist.) 

And we get it, the questions are absolutely valid! We know how important it is to consider the SEO capabilities of a website builder, like Showit, when you’re determining which one to choose. 

So, we’re here to (hopefully) make your decision to choose Showit a little bit easier, by squashing your Showit SEO nerves once and for all. 

Addressing Your Showit SEO Concerns 

We’ve answered a LOT of Showit SEO questions in this post already, but we thought of a few more you may be wondering…

“Does the website platform you choose directly impact your SEO ranking?” (like, is WordPress the best for SEO?)

Not technically, no. 

Your website as a whole doesn’t rank, your individual website PAGES are responsible for getting you that ‘ranking’—aka that #1 spot on the front page of Google. 

…which, if you ask us, is great news – because this means that you have the power to put as much (or as little!) effort into optimizing your website as you want, and your results will be directly related to the content you decide to add to each webpage. 

And when you’re a Showit user, adding, optimizing, and designing content couldn’t possibly get easier. 

For our visual learners, here is a quick 8-min video by our very own Showit SEO expert, Ryan Moreno:

Is Showit Good For SEO?

“I know you just said no, but… tell me the truth: are there other website building platforms that are better for SEO than Showit?”

While a lot of website builders look different when using them, no matter what builder you use—it will spit out code that your browser converts into a nice looking website. And while the quality of the code does matter, what matters more is the valuable content on your website.

This means that a Showit website will have the same potential to rank as a full SquareSpace, WordPress, or Wix website.

But if you’re curious about how Showit measures up to other website builders, check out this post about whether or not Showit is better than Squarespace, or this post about whether or not Showit is better than WordPress.

“Which elements of SEO can you customize in Showit?”

All of them! We recommend consulting our friend (and go-to Showit SEO expert) Ryan Moreno’s Showit SEO Guide—or take his Showit SEO course!—for more in-depth info, but we’ll give you the Sparknotes version of which SEO elements you can adjust in Showit. ⬇️

Page titles: (alternately referred to as “title tags”) the name of your page, used to help readers and search engines appropriately navigate your website. Keep in mind this title doesn’t show up anywhere on your Showit website, just in Google search results pages! 

Meta descriptions: the short blurb (usually no more than 150 characters) that describes the content of your page, and shows up below the title tag on search engines
(These two elements together make up your site’s metadata.)

Shared images: the image that appears in connection with the link when you share a webpage on social media

Media: all of the images and video you share on your site (which you’ll want to make sure you optimize by always adding both a title and description for in your Showit settings)

Text tags: the techy HTML stuff—aka the hierarchy of text that indicates to search engines which elements of your copy are most important (with H1 being the most prominent headlines, H2 a close runner up, H3 as subheadings, p as paragraph text, div as design-focused elements, and nav as your navigational links)

Why is Showit good for SEO?

#1 – It makes editing your SEO settings easy

And we’re not just saying that. It’s extremely simple and intuitive to figure out where and how to update your SEO settings in Showit, because it’s conveniently located in the same tab as all of the design settings you’re already using, located on the right of your screen.

(We can’t say the same for other platforms…) 

See for yourself:

#2 – It uses WordPress integration, with the support of SEO plugins 

WordPress is an extremely powerful platform, which is why it’s practically been the industry go-to for blogging since blogging started. 

And because SEO goes wayyyy beyond titling your pages, writing meta descriptions, and optimizing your images/videos, blogging is a huge element to consider when selecting the right website builder—and, in this case, its convenient integrations!—for you.

There’s nothing search engines love more than fresh, new content being regularly published to your site, and thanks to the support of WordPress, and its seamless integration with your Showit site, writing content and optimizing it for SEO is as straight-forward as it gets.

With WordPress’s blogging platform, you’re able to use special SEO-specific plugins, like Yoast, which handles all of the technical optimization of your site and assists you with performance, allowing you to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

#3 – All of your metadata optimizations are done on a page-by-page basis 

This may seem like a pain, but it’s actually exactly what search engines want from you. Having duplicate title tags and meta descriptions for your various web pages is a big SEO red flag, signaling “hey, something’s up here, not sure if this site’s user-friendly or if it has a bunch of repeat content!”

(SEO tip: make sure your title tags are less than 65 characters, your meta descriptions are under 150 characters, and that your shared image is visually appealing! This will help your site be more searchable and your content more click-worthy. For more *easy* to understand resources that will help you go from invisible online to page #1 of google check out our SEO resource hub.)

#4 – Mobile site quality is amazing

In fact, we’d even go as far as saying that Showit’s mobile-friendliness is superior to any other platform on the Internet. 

You may not realize this, but your mobile design and responsiveness actually has a LOT to do with how well your website does in the SEO department.

Because the vast majority of your website traffic comes from people viewing your sites on their mobile devices—usually more than 70% of your site visits—paying attention to user experience on mobile is so important to the health of your site.

…and you know who deeply cares about UX and the health of your site? Search engines. Because search engines don’t want to send anyone to a website that isn’t going to give them a good experience.

So, thanks to Showit’s ability to allow you to customize your mobile design independently of your desktop design, you’re able to ensure that everything works perfectly for the users who prefer scrolling your site on their phone.

Ps. did you know that many times Google search results are different on mobile and desktop? That means you can rank well with your desktop site, but not with your mobile site. And if 70% of your website traffic is using a mobile phone to search on Google, you might be missing out on a lot of traffic!

#5 – Automatic SSL certificate included

When you sign up for Showit, you’re automatically granted an SSL certificate, which is a must-have for ensuring search engines that your website is safe to browse. It’s very rare a website with no SSL will make it to page #1.

(In fact, when you don’t have an SSL certificate, search engines will flag your site as unsafe and pop a big, fat ‘error’ message in its place.)

#6 – Option to customize your 404 error page

You know by now that SEO is not only about getting found on search engines, but also being worthy of being recommended by search engines, right? And that’s why user experience matters so much?

Okay, cool. Wanted to make sure before we launched into yet another element of user experience that search engines value customizations on: your 404 error page. 

Whenever a user lands here, it’s by accident. No one wants to click a broken link. But when that uncomfortable error message does show up, your site’s viewers are MUCH less likely to “X” out completely when they’re brought to a beautifully customized 404 error page, as opposed to the factory setting standard.

The longer a reader stays on the page, the more search engines view your site as credible (and worthy of that rec).

#7 – The ability to set nofollow links

A nofollow link is, for all intents and purposes, exactly what it sounds like. It’s a link you don’t want Google to follow. 

Nofollow links vs dofollow links is a whole other conversation—one we recommend you have with SEO guru Neil Patel—so we’ll leave you with this: having the option to indicate you’d like a link not to be followed is important for your SEO link-building strategy.

Here’s how to make a nofollow link in Showit:

In conclusion—Showit is the perfect website builder for you if you care about SEO.

Now all you need is a gorgeous, strategically-designed Showit website template to go with it. 😉

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Do not delte - Ryan

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