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Our site designs can be customized to fit any brand & every style. With a few clicks, Moscow Mule gets refined and pretty, Negroni gets romantic, and Smokescreen gets even cooler ... it's kinda like magic. We’ve made it easy for you to tailor your site, because we don’t believe any creative should be stuck with a template that “just doesn't feel like me.” Can’t imagine the possibilities?

Take a look at a few favorite sites from our TONIC Regulars:

“My website views have doubled, my inquiries have tripled and the average time someone is spending on my site has gone from 48 seconds to two minutes. Now my inquiries are lengthly descriptions about the couple and why they want to book me... It's been a game changer for my business, but also my heart.”

— Stacy hart

“I was astonished at how quickly my business changed. I can honestly tell you that within the first week of launching my new website, the type of inquiries I was getting had changed. Since then, my ideal clients have been pouring in. My template from Tonic Shop was one of the best investments I have ever made!”

- Audrey Koehler

“Because of TONIC, my brand feels cohesive, and more importantly, I am PROUD of my website. For the longest time, I preferred people to go to my Instagram because I was so ashamed of my DIY website. Now I encourage people to take a look at everything on my website because I was able to do so much with it!”

— heather cook

“I was tired of having a boring website. My online presence suffered for years and I only wish I jumped on board sooner! Choosing my template was almost like Chip and Joanna Gaines handing over the keys to the home of my dreams. I can honestly say it's been one of my best business investments thus far!”

—  hannah smith

“I am so thankful I (finally) found and invested in a TONIC website - I am completely obsessed with my website and get compliments from clients and other wedding vendors constantly! The template itself was already unique, gorgeous and super user-friendly, but the tweaking for my brand took it to the next level.”


 “I research everything, so trust me when I say I spent hours trying to find something that would be perfect for my brand. Once I came across TONIC, it wasn't even a question anymore. There simply just aren't any other designers that know what make true design so great like Jen and Jeff do!”



“TONIC doesn't tell you that you don't have what it takes, their sites simply take what you've got and display it in an exceptional way. I really do feel like our site was a big step in us believing in ourselves. We take our job very seriously, and now it feels like we are taking ourselves as professionals seriously as well, which invites others to do the same.”

praise for tonic

No, We're Not Just for Photographers

wondering if tonic works for you?

If you've got a brand, a business, a product, or pretty  much anything you need to look beautiful online, our sites can work for you.* Here's a little sampling of a few of our favorite sites from all industries - from social media managers to health coaches... even a dental practice (Yep, it's the sexiest dental site we've ever seen)! 

*Only exception? Big, huge e-commerce sites. If you've got more than 50 products, you may need an e-commerce expert! 

"I go to my website just to stare at it now... every time I had a question, Jen and Jeff were RIGHT there! 

— KENDRA LAMBERT, Kendra, inc.

"I've actually had people book me without meeting me in person just because of my TONIC site!"

— Ryan GreenLeaf, Ryan Greenleaf Photography

praise for tonic

yep, here are more amazing sites

“I am blown away. Tonic is one of the best investments I have ever made. The best part is that I put everything together over one weekend... the download to completion couldn't be easier! And my investment that I thought was a lot of money is actually already paid off... I highly recommend taking the leap!”


“We launched our Tonic site less than two months ago and have since quadrupled the amount of weddings we had booked before our site launch. For the first time in our business we are proud of our site and feel like it accurately represents our brand. Tonic is the best- they're on an entirely different ball field than other site designers.”

— sarah pape

“Never in my 12 years of business have I ever been so excited about and content with my website. I always had that "Ugh, I need to update this or that and rebrand soon" feeling, but no more! My old websites were just websites... now I have an online experience that gets complimented by so many!”


“TONIC makes it easy with gorgeous sites that look 100% custom, but for basically pennies compared to what you should have to spend on their sites. Thanks to my site, I now feel like I can truly market my business as a luxury, high-end brand,  and know prospective clients will take me seriously, as well as my pricing!”

— Julieanne Lund

“It is pretty incredible how drastically my business has been impacted by the launch of this new site. In every client meeting I have had since the launch, potential clients have remarked about how beautiful it is... The work I produce hasn't changed, but people will see it in a new light because of the way it is being presented online.”


“My new site has changed me from a professional business to a professional business with an actual person behind it. Most people who have sent me inquiries in the past just ask for availability and pricing, and now my inquiries are lengthy descriptions about the couple and why they want to book me.”


praise for tonic

“I feel proud, I feel confident, and I feel hopeful. I feel like a professional and that we now have a stage to showcase the craft that we've worked hard to learn and master.” 

— The Papes

“Thanks so much for helping me create the website of my dreams! I finally feel like my website is perfect, shows my personality,  and brings my business to a new level.”

— Raisa Zwart

“I can honestly say TONIC has been one of the best business investments thus far. For the first time I have a brand that reflects who I am instead of solely what I do.”

— Hannah Smith

“If I knew that I could have my site up so quickly, I wouldn’t have waited so long. My new site is clean, intuitive,  modern, stylish…and I didn’t have to write a single line of code!”

- Tara Fust

“I just can‘t believe I actually have the website that fits my work and my brand... and the best part is that I put everything together over one weekend!”

— Liz Porter

“...I had to have a client tell me, ‘What are you waiting for? If you want your website to look like that and your dreams to happen, do it now.’ Don't wait - I highly recommend taking the leap.”

- Liz Porter


The site of your dreams has already been mixed to perfection,
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