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The Best Showit Templates for Coaches

If you’re a business coach looking into getting a Showit website, you’re in the right spot. Here at Tonic Site Shop, we create beautiful Showit templates for coaches, photographers, and other creative professionals.

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Why a Big-Name Designer Chose a TONIC Template Instead of Designing Her Website from Scratch

Meet Emmy - a skilled designer, inspiring educator, and imaginative creative whose talent and passion have led her to dream clients and brands. She’s passionate about “bringing visual life to the art of storytelling,” and this vision has truly come to life in her design work. And her work is STUNNING.

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She Almost Walked Away From Her Company. How a TONIC Template Turned Burnout Into Reignited Passion.

Elena is the brains (and beauty) behind Modern Market, a marketplace for creative entrepreneurs, providing content and resources that are ready to go for brands, so they can easily personalize it to their passion, purpose, and style and start connecting with their ideal clients right away. 

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Web Copy Made Easier Part 3: Writing Your Home Page Copy

BY KAITLYN PARKER | COPY UNCORKED Welcome to Part 3 of the Web Copy Made Easy (well, easier) Series. Who’s up for a dinner party!? Go with me… In Part 2, we compared creating your website to building a home – including establishing a great floor plan and a strong foundation – by way of […]

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Web Copy Made Easier Part 2: Establishing Your Foundation

BY KAITLYN PARKER | COPY UNCORKED So glad to see you made it to Part 2 of the Web Copy Made Easier series—welcome! If you missed Part 1, 5 Site Building Best Practices to Know, find it here. As the title implies, it gives you a run-down of what to know on the front-end of […]

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Web Copy Made Easier Part 1: 5 Site Building Best Practices to Know

BY KAITLYN PARKER | COPY UNCORKED I decided to pour myself a margarita to kick off this series—for one, because it’s after 5pm and two because it feels very TONIC of me to do, and three because I want to establish that writing the words (read: “copy”) for your site can, and dare I say […]

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TONIC Team WFH Faves

If you didn’t already know, our TONIC team is a 100% remote workforce (keyword FORCE), geographically stretching our creative arms from the PNW to New England, the mountains of Virginia to the beaches of Florida,…and everywhere in between. As we find ourselves DEEP in the design/launch cave for our (eek!) upcoming Spring 2022 Showit website […]

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There’s a TONIC Template for That

Summary What do a doctor, an executive chef, a minimal beauty brand, and a college counselor have in common? Besides being, like, really cool careers, would you believe us if we told you they all used TONIC Showit website templates to create super professional, killer websites that totally represent them and their unique industries?  You […]

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Spotlight: Deema of Pretty on Fridays

Meet Deema! She’s an interior designer with a fantastic aesthetic, the kind of blogger you actually want to read, accessible DIY-er, reel-creating genius, and one of the funniest people we know on Instagram. 

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How to add a scrolling video of your website to Canva

In this quick post, we’re going to show you how to add a video of your website scrolling down in a Canva graphic. Want our free Canva templates to celebrate your launch or show off your new website? Download the Canva templates HERE! If you’re wanting to add a static screenshot to your graphic, that’s […]

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Showit Podcast Page Template by Tonic Site Shop

Create a Podcast Page in Showit

If you have a podcast you need a killer podcast page that acts as a hub for your podcast episodes, show notes, resources and opt-ins. Our Showit podcast page is built with all of this and more.

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Create an Instagram Links page in Showit - Tonic Site Shop

Creating an Instagram Links Page in Showit

Summary In this post, we’re going to show you how to create a custom Instagram “links” page in Showit and how to add to your Instagram bio! If you are a business owner, you definitely need to have a link leading people to your website in your Instagram bio. Oftentimes, businesses just add their homepage […]

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Get more Google reviews with this link hack - Tonic Site Shop

Get More Reviews With This “Leave A Review” Link Hack

Summary In this post, we’re going to show you how to create a custom review link that redirects people to Google reviews, making it incredibly easy for your clients to leave you killer reviews. If you want reviews, you have to make the review process easy. Asking for a review does not have to be […]

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