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The Jenna Rainey Podcast Feature: Biggest Mistakes When Creating a Website

Here at TONIC, we believe your website is the number one way to elevate your brand, book your dream clients and ultimately transform your business. But have we seen some big mistakes when it comes to creating your website? Um yessss, too many to count. From uninspiring website copy, to dare I even say it, horrific Showit website templates, there are so many ways you can get it “wrong.” But let’s talk about how you can get it right.

First, we’ve redefined the “template.” Not just what they can be or how they can look, but the way they can elevate and transform the way you show up online. 

And today, I’m excited to share my conversation with Jenna Rainey all about the biggest mistakes I see people making when it comes to creating their website. 

For me (Jen), I realized that when you make something [website, magazine, newspaper] really beautiful, people pay more attention to it and they actually read it.  This realization is a passionate driver in how I want to tell stories, both through visuals and otherwise, and is the key behind how and why we develop our Showit website templates and canva social media templates in the way that we do. 

Over on the Jenna Rainey Show, I unpack some of the biggest mistakes I see people making when creating their website

Here are my biggest tips when creating your website.

#1: Create a Thoughtful Plan + Intention

Well I’m just gonna be blunt and say it, not having a TONIC Showit website is the BIGGEST mistake…. Totally kidding, or am I? …

No, in all seriousness, there are a lot of great websites in the world that are not TONIC, but the biggest mistake I see so many people making is creating a website without a plan or thought behind the design.

One thing I’ve always said:

When you start with intention, you create with purpose.

When you start out trying to make a great looking website you miss the strategy and intentionally that comes with sitting down first and figuring out WHO is looking at this website? WHO am I trying to serve? How do I want them to interact? What are things people love about working with me?We want your site to attract and convert your clients. So first we have to figure out *exactly* who they are. I’ve actually created a deep dive guide to help you get clarity on what you’re doing in your brand and why and a way to finally find “your people” so you can create a website that is downright beautiful and also attract more of the clients you really want.

#2:  Create Authentic Website Copy

One of the biggest struggles we hear is “I’m not a writer, I don’t know how to do this.” But the truth is, in our creative marketplace we are all writers at this point.

The biggest tip I have for becoming a better writer is to start telling great stories. Become a storyteller. So many of us tend to fall into this robot-like state whenever we start writing marketing copy. But did you know that messages delivered as stories are TWENTY TWO TIMES as memorable as facts.

When we read a good story, our brains actually release oxytocin which means suddenly, we CARE about what we are reading. 

So next time you sit down to write website copy, stop writing like a robot. Instead, be like “hey, I’m over here under my blanket clutching my bottle of wine, just like you…”

I’m passionate about writing website copy people actually want to read so I’ve compiled my go-to resources to help you turn your boring stories into killer content:

Pro Tip To Creating Authentic Website Copy

When you read your website copy out loud, you’ll hear if you sound like a robot, flat, or are boring. My biggest rule of thumb: If you don’t want to read it out loud, why would anyone else want to. 

#3 Who the About Page is REALLY About

People want to connect with people.

They don’t want to connect with brands or robots. They want to connect with you as a human. No matter what you are selling, people want to know WHO is selling it. 

People get intimidated about describing themselves on their website, and ultimately let me free you from that. On your about page, your ultimate goal is to talk about how you can help the person on your website get what they want.

In Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller, he says to not think of yourself as the hero of the story, but to think of yourself as the guide helping the hero get what they want. 

You are using your journey as a creative, artist, designer, etc. as an example and sharing why you are capable of helping the hero [aka the person on your site] get what they need and want. And you are the person to get them there.

The about page is all about building the know, like and trust.

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The Show Notes Breakdown

Want to tune into specific sections of this episode? Here’s the gold within:

  • [06:51] The biggest mistake I see people make is not starting their website with a thoughtful plan and intention.
  • [08:29] A brand interview is a great way to get clarity about what people most value and appreciate about your brand.
  • [12:34] The importance of authentic copy to go alongside beautiful visuals.
  • [14:41] Another huge mistake I see people make is not clearly stating on their site what they do and who they do it for.
  • [18:16] The ultimate goal of your About page
  • [25:37] The differences for desktop vs. mobile design and how to optimize both
  • [28:46] How you should create your homepage for conversion
  • [32:40] And one of my favorite tops, the ultimate WordPress vs. Squarespace debate (and why I love Showit).

Resources from this feature:

Do not delte - Ryan
Do not delte - Ryan

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