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How TONIC Templates Convert More Clients + Make You More Money

It’s no secret that we are all about letting our clients tell their TONIC stories (hello, social proof), and when it comes to stats? They’ve got some staggering numbers that speak to how TONIC Showit templates have done WORK.

Our TONIC Templates Do the Hard Work For You

We hear it over and over. People spent endless hours (and dollars) trying to create and achieve their ideal website, only to end up frustrated and disappointed by the result. Or maybe the thought that their website could actually work for them was just a pipe dream. But the number of times we hear about how making the switch or taking the leap and choosing a TONIC site has reversed that tragic cycle? Is overwhelmingly redeeming. We’ve seen our TONIC website templates out in the world doing really good things for incredibly talented people. Creatives and entrepreneurs excitedly come back to us to tell us how their new websites were not only incredibly easy to customize and launch (actually painless), but have ALSO made their online presence more effective, their services and offerings more clear and appealing, and the customer experience more enjoyable and seamless…without a ton of effort (read headaches) from their users. Here are just a few examples of how our TONIC templates work really, really hard – so you don’t have to:

“My traffic has jumped, visitors are spending over 25% more time on my site, my bounce rates have dropped, my email list has grown by 12% and my inquiries have skyrocketed.”

– Cassie

“I’ve had 75% more inquiries since going live – I can’t keep up! That’s not to mention countless invitations to collaborate with luxury hotel marketing managers, brand designers, photographers and fellow copywriters. I can’t believe it’s only been a short while since my launch and the success that’s already come from it. It’s done wonders for my confidence and how I present myself to the world as a credible business owner.”

– Maisie

“Buying a TONIC site will totally transform your business and the way you show up for your clients….But the best part of all is that the sites convert. They are there to sell your services so you don’t have to sell yourself!”

– Melissa

“I truly can’t say enough good things about TONIC sites and how you’ve changed my business and my family’s lives for the better. The challenges of 2020 made our online presence more important than ever. Yet even with the devastation of the wedding industry this year, I’ve been able to consistently raise my prices and connect with couples that I absolutely ADORE. Clients and industry peers alike are constantly complimenting my website, and the actual design and implementation process took less than a day!” 

“I thought I needed a custom website built from scratch (an undertaking I had zero time for) but found exactly what I needed in your template! All I had to do was plug in my copy and my images and voila! It was truly that easy! Now when I send people to my website, I do so with such excitement! Hell, I even visit my own site just to go for the ride!”

– Courtney

Brb just crying tears of joy (we’re so *sniff*…proud). Seriously, this is the whole point, people. We love to see our template babies out there changing lives and making business dreams come true…one killer website at a time.

We Like to Move Fast, And So Will Your (Dream) Clients

A great website is only great, in our opinion, if it’s the difference between your ideal client walking away and that dream client saying yes to YOU. And time and time again people tell us how their conversion rates have almost instantly climbed. And this, friends, is where the party really starts to pick up. 

“My conversions have gone through the roof. I’ve never experienced the uptick in quality leads like I have now. TONIC is completely worth it!”

– Leigh

“In 24 hours since launching my new site, I’ve booked multiple new clients, had new course and shop sales, and welcomed people into my membership.”

– Laura

“My TONIC template is THE single best investment I’ve ever made in my business. The template was so easy for me to customize myself and less than a week after launching, I’ve already booked out another FULL MONTH of copywriting services. Is this real life? I’m finally in love with my website and it feels SO GOOD.”

– Madison

“The best part is that I received my first lead within 1 hour of launching my site. Talk about making a splash!”

– Chanel

“Our conversion rate has sky-rocketed and the time people spend on our site has tripled…Our site has never felt like a template; it felt like it was made just for us…TONIC is 100% worth the investment. I don’t know if we have ever been more proud of anything in our business.”

– Nathan and Zoey 

“This is, hands down, the best investment I have made in my business in the past 15 years. Every day I see the results of creating a site that speaks to and services my dream client. If you are thinking about getting a new website there is only one way to go.”

– Melissa

“Having a site that is so customizable, and so *me* has really changed the way I show in my business! I’m much more confident, and I’m finally attracting my dream clients – my sales (and income) have been higher than ever!”

– Erin

“I can’t tell you how many clients have booked and said it was because they were impressed with my website.”

“TONIC sites are the absolute best. I have less than 100 followers on my business Instagram account but I have been able to book more and more clients since launching… through my SITE ALONE. You don’t need a social following to jumpstart your business. You need a TONIC site!”

– Christina

“My new site has truly elevated my work and made me stand out. I’ve booked 3 weddings since I launched my new site just two weeks ago!”

– Leigh Ann

If you’re hoping for more inquiries and the kind of inquiries you actually want, a new website is a big piece (arguably the biggest piece) of the equation. It’s not as elusive as it may seem. Maybe you are already doing all the right things, but maybe…you just need a better website, one that attracts the kind of client you really want. And the best part? Dream clients = real $$$.

We’re Gonna Make You More Money

We hear some version of “it’s worth the investment” on repeat, but the reason our TONIC regulars are able to say this is because the initial cost of a TONIC template truly is just that…an investment, and one that reaps great returns. Our website templates quite literally will make you more money because they are strategically designed to. With an engaging online presence and dream clients clicking and converting, our clients watch their value and revenue climb. “I just launched my TONIC site a few weeks ago and I’m already celebrating my first 30k month! “If you’re looking for an elevated client experience paired with a high converting, beautifully- designed website, you HAVE to invest in a Tonic template!”

“TONIC sites are a no brainer. Carefully crafted, well balanced and will allow you to feel confident in raising your prices. Within 6 months of implementing my TONIC site I was charging 2x on weddings.” 

– David

“For the past five years, we’ve had a 1-page sales page that has produced millions of dollars for our business. We can’t wait to be a destination center with a fully functioning website that will produce an even greater revenue.”

– Kristin

“In the 24 hours since launching my new site, I’ve already paid for my new template 4x over!”

– Laura

“This site definitely makes my brand look and feel much more high-end…With my new TONIC sales page, I made 10k on my pre-launch of my first course.”

– Sarah

So the heavy lifting is done ☑️ , your dream clients are booked ☑️ …this can only mean one, ultimate thing…let’s crush (and exceed) your financial goals. Think we’re just bragging now? We don’t have to. We want you to brag about your website. These success stories blow us away, and we can’t wait to see what big things our TONIC Showit website templates are going to do for you.

Do not delte - Ryan
Do not delte - Ryan

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