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Our award-winning Showit website templates are trusted by over 6,000 creatives, influencers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Easy to use, designed to stand out, and proven to convert your dream clients... so you can do more of what you do best.


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First impression? *GASP* Vesper’s all big scale design meets romantic, creamy neutrals and sophisticated, stunning aesthetic. Her editorial, image-centric design are ideal for photographers, designers, artists, creatives, and other visual brands.

Completely Customizable Showit Website Template for Photographers & Creatives

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Like a fresh-off-the-runway fit, our Boulevardier is a high-impact stunner with bold, cool-kid vibes and edgy, editorial design. She’s the perfect pick for coaches, personalities, marketing and branding experts, and anyone ready to turn heads and convert like a boss.

Completely Customizable Showit Website Template for Photographers & Creatives

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Sleek, effective, and oh-so-chic…we want to be like her. Soothing to browse and designed to sell, our Greyhound was made for literally anyone who likes their online space uncluttered and wants to launch their beautiful site - quickly. 

Completely Customizable Showit Website Template for Photographers & Creatives

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Like a timeless Chanel bag, our Manhattan Showit Website Template was created for coaches, brands, photographers, podcasters, and creatives who want a site not only boldly beautiful, but stacked with features + built to sell.

Completely Customizable Showit Website Template for Photographers & Creatives

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Paper Plane


Like a breath of fresh air for the internet, we built our Paper Plane Showit Website Template for coaches, brands, photographers, podcasters and creatives who want *all* the things, but want them done beautifully (and built to sell). 

Completely Customizable Showit Website Template for Photographers & Creatives

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Lita Grey

Spacious Editorial

Typography-centric, memorable, editorial. Our Lita Grey is aesthetically modern, with subtly classic influences; she’s the perfect, space for interior designers, photographers, and anyone who wants their brand to make a statement.

Completely Customizable Showit Website Template for Photographers & Creatives

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French 75


Classic, fashionable, and feminine, our French 75 Showit Website Template is like Meghan Markle and Reese Witherspoon all rolled into one. Styled with editorial fonts, blush and creamy neutrals, and ready for any creative, photographer, influencer, educator or brand.

Completely Customizable Showit Website Template for Photographers & Creatives

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Bold, fun, strategic, and bursting with personality, we designed our Margarita Showit Website Template for coaches, brands, photographers and creatives who want their website to feel like them (and convert, convert, convert).

Completely Customizable Showit Website Template for Photographers & Creatives

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Explore our exclusive collection of website templates, add-on page templates, and sales page templates. Designer-crafted, completely customizable, built to convert, ready to go to work for you right now. Used, loved, and highly recommended by over 6,000 creatives entrepreneurs and small businesses like you. 

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“We found TONIC when we were snooping around on site credits of websites we loved — we quickly realized TONIC had designed all of the very best ones! Jen and Jeff have the most beautiful templates for any niche.”

— Chris Loves Julia, Design Blog + Influencers

Praise for TONIC:

“TONIC templates are designed with a level of strategy, intention, and aesthetics you simply won't find anywhere else. They're THE best option for any entrepreneur looking to level up their online presence.”

KT Merry, Celebrity Photographer + Educator

Praise for TONIC:

“Tonic's line of customizable site templates for modern creatives are basically website templates for people who think they don't like website templates. They make beautiful design affordable + accessible to everyone!”

— Natalie & Danielle, Bossbabe Founders

Praise for TONIC:

“I can't stop, won't stop raving about how much I love TONIC's sites. I finally have a website that exudes the essence of my firm — and it only took a week to launch! Now, the compliments and clients are rolling in! ”

— Ivy McNeil, Business + Trademark Lawyer

Praise for TONIC:

“Before TONIC, I didn't really know what an asset a great, unique website could be for my business. Jen & Jeff make the most beautiful, totally-customizable SHOWIT website templates in the game!”

Jenna Kutcher, Goal Digger Podcast + Educator

Praise for TONIC:

“This is, hands down, the best investment I have made in my business in the past 15 years.  If you're thinking about getting a new website, there is only one way to go. A TONIC site will totally transform your business.”

Melissa Mayo, Food Network Chef

Praise for TONIC:


Step One? Select your template — this may be the hardest part — and purchase! (Then pause to celebrate: you're on your way to the website of your dreams!) 🍾

You'll instantly get access to your new Showit template design via a unique site key code... oh, and support tutorials, Getting Started guide, a free bonus Content Workbook, and even some beautiful launch graphics to make your life easy! Let's goooooo!

Websites that move as fast as you do.

How All This Works (It's Simple.)


Next, you'll need to sign up for Showit, the incredible website platform you'll use to edit & publish your template. (You'll get an exclusive Showit discount code with your template). It's kind of like Canva for websites and we love it!
Showit will also take care of your hosting AND interfaces seamlessly with Wordpress for blogging!

When you login to Showit, you'll be prompted to add your new template, and that's when the fun begins!

Customize your design to your heart's desire. You can change as much OR  little about your template as you like... fonts, layouts, colors, images, text, copy. Drag and drop it like it's hot, friend! Anything is possible. And rest easy — we've got help + tutorials for you, and so does Showit! (Not to flex, but our support team is the best in the business.) 

Go LIVE when you're ready, and let us know so we can celebrate! 🍾  Then sit back with a cocktail while and watch the compliments roll in!


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Forget everything you know about website templates. 


Wondering what sets TONIC site apart? And heck, why our templates are way more $$ than your average template? We're so very happy to explain!
(For starters, do you look THIS happy browsing your website?)


Get a stylish designer site in an instant...

 No hunting for a designer and offering them your life savings + your firstborn to spend months of precious time designing something you maaaaay not even love in the end. Just boom... Done.


...that totally doesn't look like a template. 

It's just as beautiful, complex and intentionally handcrafted as any expensive custom site on the market. (Bold statement, but it's true.) If you're looking for standard, big box templates that do nothing to showcase your particular brand of awesome and require a design wizard-unicorn to decently DIY....  look elsewhere.


Easily edit anything you want. 

Or don't and leave it just like it is! Either way, no code, no limits. No weeping into your keyboard. (And no Photoshop or design skills required... that's our job, man!)


What you see is exactly what you'll get.

The only thing you'll need to make the site look great is your content. You see a site, you buy the site, you get the site, you launch + fall madly in love with your own website, which is weird and also totally acceptable around here. Amen.


Bells, whistles, and cat calls included.

SEO optimized. Responsive. Mobile-friendly. Ready for list-building, sales page-ing, client-wow-ing and more.  You know all those buzzword boxes people say you've gotta check? We checked 'em for you.

Finally, a website that moves as fast as you do — just one instant download and a matter of hours from going live, looking incredible, and changing your business forever ... at a *fraction* of the custom site price tag.



— elena / @modernmarket

"It feels incredible to finally have a website that is 100% what I've always dreamt of having... a place for all of my ideas, dreams, and resources. It came together like I've always wanted my dream site to look like!"

— jenna / @jennakutcher

“Before TONIC, I didn't really know what an asset a great, unique website could be for my business. Jen & Jeff make the most beautiful, totally-customizable SHOWIT website templates in the game.”

— elana / @elanaloo

“If you're tired of being embarrassed by your outdated website or craving something that can really feel like YOURS – TONIC is your people. This is the BEST solution to web design I've ever come across.”

— hannah / @hannahquintana

I'm no longer embarrassed when I send my website to potential clients or industry friends... My new site has made my feel confident and proud of my business. If you're thinking about a TONIC site, just DO it!

— amelia / @ameliabrown

“With our Tonic template, we’ve been able to create a lush, magazine-style layout that showcases our process, inspirations, and story. It's been a pleasure to work with Tonic templates in creating our new website.”

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