My COVID Test Results Are In

My COVID Test Results Are In

I’m not going to lie… when I imagine my ideal Sunday morning, it doesn’t involve giving my brain stem a light stir. Let me back up. (And buckle up, because we’re back with the #longandweird.) If you’ve been around since last Friday, you know our blessed unicorn of a Brand Manager + Integrator, Christina, stepped […]

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TONIC + Shopify : Selling products from your pretty new website

At long last, we’ve added in a happy little shop page add-on to make all your e-commerce dreams come true. Gone are the days of ugly Paypal buttons or external cart pages. With this simple, easy to use add-on, we’ve made selling yo’ sh*t from your pretty new website a breeze using the foolproof buy […]

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Recent Podcast Interviews

We’ve be hanging out on the digital airwaves lately, and it’s kinda been the best. We’ve loved chatting with our fellow entrepreneur friends about branding, web design, the story of TONIC, collaboration, our respective up-bringings and allllll the things. So if you still haven’t tired of hearing us chit-chat about all things branding and web […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Website Better – Right Now

When it comes to website design, it’s the typical approach to go all or nothing — first, a GIANT launch or rebrand with giveaways, iPad mockups, and Instagram confetti galore, then *crickets* until you feel like you’ve got bandwidth to tackle things again… or the PTSD subsides. Whichever happens first.   But we’re here to break […]

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5 Steps to a Top-Shelf About Section

We know homepages get a lot of love and portfolios tend to steal the spotlight, but if we had a designer specialty, it would probably be the oft-neglected, underdeveloped little sister of the website world: the about section. We’ve worked with some incredible personality-based brands over the last few years—people like Jenna Kutcher, Katelyn James, Justin […]

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