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Step #2: Refresh Your About Page

We looked at the big picture of your website first, so now zoom into one of our favorite sections…the About Page.

Refreshing Your About Page

Your About section or page might seem like it should be “all about me,” but we’ve found that the most captivating and effective About sections shift the tone to “all about why I’m a good fit for the customer.”

By doing this, every image, all the copy, and every piece of information tells a story that people want to engage with (and work with), and that is the goal. So how exactly do you do this?

Here are some practical steps you can take – right now:

Refresh your Showit about page - Tonic Site Shop

1. Update your images

This is one of the easiest ways to make your website feel current, but ironically, the one photographers can be the WORST about avoiding! (Hello, images of you four hairstyles and three kids ago!)

You, over there, reading this right now… don’t wait until you’ve lost five pounds. You look great. Hire someone talented to shoot some updated headshots and lifestyle images, considering in the process how you might make them feel the most like your brand (clothing, location, styling).

Then pop those puppies up on social media + throughout your site. A new set of About images is like a mini-makeover – everything looks just a little more fresh with minimal effort.

While you’re shooting images of yourself, also think about styling a more “lifestyle” oriented image set that feels true to your brand — you’ll be able to use them on social media, and you’ll be so glad you have them later!

2. Update your content

Like most worthwhile endeavors, filling out your About section isn’t a “set it and forget it” situation because you and your brand are living, breathing, changing beings!

It’s important to keep it current and on-brand. We’ve got a few ideas on this one, so hang with us – we promise it’s not scary or complicated!

What’s different about you

What’s different about you, your life, your business, or brand now? Did you have another child? Should you swap out your “favorite things” for more current preferences? Are you offering new or different services? Look closely at your copy and make sure it reflects you right here, right now.

Incorporate a story

Speaking of what’s different…you didn’t just get here! Find a way to create a narrative that draws your reader into the story behind your business and brand. It didn’t just happen overnight. There were dreams, goals, failures, successes, big (and small) breaks and breakthroughs that got you where you are, and are taking you where you want to go.  So the lines of copy in your About section should outline your story. Check out our Margarita About Page template for inspiration.

Give people a good ME TOO moment.

People love to feel like they are connecting with a real person – no matter how talented and professional you are. One super dynamic way you can do this is to relate to your audience. A “favorite things” section is a great way to share (go on…it’s ok to show your quirky, nerdy, or basic self). That’s what people love, and that’s what people can identify with. That’s what makes you real. Maybe you have a super specific pet peeve (like, you haaaate when people mis-pluralize their last name…or clapping at the end of a movie). Maybe you have a favorite product you can’t live without (hello Nespresso). Or maybe you have an embarrassing moment that led you to what was ultimately life-changing (like meeting your spouse or starting your business). These are the kind of details people love. So share them, friends!

Include your professional/educational background

Include your professional/educational background (if it’s applicable to your business) to support what an expert you are. While you also want to be approachable, including your background can be a game changer in building trust with a potential client. So think about what this might look like for you – maybe it’s telling people a little bit about your training and experience, or who you’ve worked with.

Make it about THEM.

Really, your About section should be about your ideal client. What does that even mean? Hear us out. A lot of people spend all of their valuable About space telling the world how great they are – and that is part of it. But the most valuable thing you can do is connect with your audience by telling them how you can help, serve, and give THEM what they need and want. Try this: go through your copy and see how many times you say “I,” “me,” or “my.” Now find the places you say “you,” and “your.” Try to balance out that ratio. Kaitlyn at Copy Uncorked does this so, so well. Check out her About page that’s really all about her clients.

Ensure there’s a clear elevator pitch

Ensure there’s a clear elevator pitch that makes it obvious what you do. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve come across an About section that somehow fails to include this! At least not in a straightforward way.  But this is key! If this is missing, potential clients might be confused – or worse – click away. So make sure that somewhere in this section you tell them exactly what you can do for them.

About Page Examples

Need more examples and inspiration? Here are more About pages we think are totally killer – great copy and aaall the boxes checked!

We really hope this is helpful and gives you everything you need to give your About section the refresh it probably needs. We’re constantly working on our own, so we know you’ll feel more confident knowing people can get to know you, connect with you, and more quickly and easily choose YOU.

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