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Canva Proposal Template


You did it. You got someone to inquire, you had a great consult, and to seal the deal, you send them… an email? A poorly-formatted Google doc? A single page PDF? There has to be better way. In fact, there is: our all-new Proposal Deck Template for Creatives. Built to wow your clients at the exact moment they’re about to convert, with everything you need to convince them to book. (Start using it, watch your bookings increase, and command higher prices.) 


The template comes in both horizontal AND vertical formats because we know you like #options. Mix and match the pages, change out fonts and colors and images to fit your brand (or don’t!) — this template’s so good you’ll use it for everything. Like, proposing your next lunch date. 


— Over 50 pages, complete with information about you, your team, portfolio, pages, rates, process, and timeline, and more.

— Example content included to help you fill and send 

— All text, images and layouts are easily editable in Canva 

— Includes all assets; fonts have been pre-licensed for your use.

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What's Included
in this Pack

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Get the Canva social templates used and trusted by top brands like Jenna Kutcher, Ashlyn Carter, Katie Proctor, and many more. Save hours of time, and fall in love with showing up on Instagram again.

Take it from our DMs...

What platform are these designed for?

These Canva templates are designed for your Instagram content.

Do I need a Canva Pro account to use your templates?

No, we designed them to work with a free Canva account.

Can I use the photos, fonts, and copy in the templates?

YES! Our templates are pre-licensed and include the font, photos, and copy for your use within our templates.

Can the templates be used for social media platforms other than Instagram?

YES! With a click of a button in Canva, you can resize your templates. We would suggest making a copy of the originals first.

Our Canva Social Packs are focused on and designed for Instagram but can be used for Facebook Ads. So, we haven’t expanded to page covers and YouTube and Pinterest posts, yet, but we'll keep these in mind for sure!

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