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The Speaking + Presentation Canva Slide Deck


Plug-and-play slide deck for all of your presentation needs. Create a beautiful and effective course, Masterclass, webinar (any kind of presentation, really) AND save yourself loooots of time!

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We know you want a slide deck pack that delivers everything you need to prepare a gorgeous presentation. Whether you’re a digital marketer, speaker, educator, or anyone who needs to put together a presentation (of any kind), we’ve designed an online space for you. These Canva templates have places for quotes, information slides, “why you’re here”, stats, reviews, mockups, a road map of what will be included, introduction slides, and really anything you could ever need a slide for.

Our Presentation Templates are perfect for your Masterclass, freebies, webinars, courses, and presentations, giving you a truly stunning online space to show up for your clients, students, or community.


  • 80+ stunning slides, featuring gorgeous typography and space for anything you want to communicate.
  • Plug-and-play design that will save you hours of time (and loads of stress).
  • Customizable Canva template you can use over and over again for so many purposes (hello, course slides and e-books!)
  • All fonts + images used are pre-licensed for your use — keep what you want!

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Any 3 Canva Social Templates for $390

Discount automatically applied when you add any 3 social media template packs to your cart. Select 3 templates below, then click add to cart.

What's Included
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with TONIC

Get the Canva social templates used and trusted by top brands like Jenna Kutcher, Ashlyn Carter, Katie Proctor, and many more. Save hours of time, and fall in love with showing up on Instagram again.

Take it from our DMs...

What platform are these designed for?

These Canva templates are designed for your Instagram content.

Do I need a Canva Pro account to use your templates?

No, we designed them to work with a free Canva account.

Can I use the photos, fonts, and copy in the templates?

YES! Our templates are pre-licensed and include the font, photos, and copy for your use within our templates.

Is there a discount if I want to buy more than one pack?

We’re so glad you asked. Because, yes, yes there is! If you add 3 canva packs to your cart, you'll automatically get a discount applied to each pack.

I already have some of the original packs, do I need the new ones?

Yep! Of course, what you have is GREAT, buuuut our newer packs are ELEVATED!

Pack No. 2 - With Content Pack No. 2, we listened to the feedback of what users of Content Pack No. 1 wanted more of and so this No. 2 pack features many additional carousel designs (both cover interior, plus final CTA pages), mockups, and post styles in a variety of aesthetics. Pairs perfectly with Pack No. 01.

Pack No. 3 - We’ve updated our traditional Canva templates to help you stand out in 2023. The results? Large format typography meets stunning colors — you won’t be missed on any explore page.

What’s the difference between the content packs, marketing packs, and sales packs? Do I need them all?

Our Content Packs feature standalone post graphics, carousel designs, reminder graphics, and Content pack #2 features an elevated version of all of the above + infographics!

Our Marketing Packs showcase anything you’d like to market, such as podcast episodes, freebies, blog posts, products, live events/workshops, before and after, offers services, and more!

Our Sales Pack is ideal for launching/selling a product, website, course, service, or wanting to showcase social proof or make a big announcement.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur and/or an influencer who offers services and creates/sells products and courses, YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED THEM ALL!

Can the templates be used for social media platforms other than Instagram?

YES! With a click of a button in Canva, you can resize your templates. We would suggest making a copy of the originals first.

Our Social Media Packs are focused on and designed for Instagram but can be used for Facebook Ads. So, we haven’t expanded to page covers and YouTube and Pinterest posts, yet, but we'll keep these in mind for sure!

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