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Case Study

She Almost Walked Away From Her Company. How a TONIC Template Turned Burnout Into Reignited Passion.

Elena is the brains (and beauty) behind Modern Market, a marketplace for creative entrepreneurs, providing content and resources that are ready to go for brands, so they can easily personalize it to their passion, purpose, and style and start connecting with their ideal clients right away. 

Here’s the back story: While her business continued its success, Elena says she felt held back as a creative. She told us, “To be 100% honest, I felt so burnt out from my company (and literally had days where I considered walking away from it) because I felt so stuck in this little box.” We are very anti-box around here. So when she started designing her site using our Paper Plane template – it literally took her two days – she realized that she could “actually create one site that easily (and beautifully) showcased everything I was passionate about. I literally sat in my office for days, designing the site, and just filled it with all the things I loved to offer, and it ended up coming together exactly like I’ve always wanted my dream site to look like.” We passed around the tissue box and then immediately got to work creating more non-boxlike designs because her story (and dreamy, dream site) is just the best. It’s why we do what we do.

We think a lot of creatives and business owners can identify with her struggle. And everyone loves a makeover, especially one that is both relatable and inspiring. Check it out:

  • THIS is what her old product listing looked like. 
  • And THIS is the same collection designed on Showit using her TONIC template.

Incredible, right? We love how she tailored her template to her specific aesthetic and vibe. But the best part is that she also attests to the ease of the customization process. It wasn’t a “HALP” situation. Switching everything over wasn’t complicated or overwhelming. Creating her ideal website wasn’t hard. She actually calls the process “incredibly fun.” Yaaaaaay. Maybe it’s because she’s super multi-talented, and maybe it’s also because that’s the whole point of our TONIC templates and the Showit platform. She says, “One of the main things I was concerned about was being able to actually customize the site and make it look the way I want…Within two days of getting started with my theme, I was getting the hang of it…If you’re worried about making the switch over to Showit, and worried about not being techy enough to actually figure out how to do it, I highly recommend using a Tonic theme. Pretty much everything is ready to go and all you have to do is customize it to your liking.”

Modern Market is proof that it really can be easy to have a website that gives you more creative freedom and inspiration instead of holding you back or stifling your creative genius. And we think our Paper Plane template is the perfect choice for Elena with its modern, organic design that is not just pretty to look at; it’s also a secret powerhouse of a design built to convert for any coach, podcaster, creative brand, or small business. It’s like a trip to the spa (if the spa was going to make you a ton of money). Elena describes her site as beautiful and functional.

We love with the way she put Paper Plane to work for her business: 

  • Her heart behind what she does is truly inspiring. A gorgeous Giving Back page explains how a portion of proceeds from her Curated Captions Membership allows clients to partner with her and make a difference, through Save The Children. 
  • Speaking of Curated Captions, her Captions page seamlessly weaves together stunning photography, earthy tones, and big-impact testimonials that make it a sure-fire seller. We love her down-to-earth language and interactive checklists. It’s like sitting down to chat social media with her on a serene beach…does it get any better?
  • And her Shop page has us 😍😍😍 over, well, all the things. She’s created a one-stop shop where you can find her presets and posing prompts for any photography need.

With all of these products and services, she needed something that would make it easy for her to design and create custom pages. Her new site now allows her to create an unlimited amount of special pages while still keeping everything on ONE site. She’s like the poster child for housing a wide variety of offerings in a cohesive, user-friendly, stunning way.

She says, “Before switching over to Showit, the second someone wanted to view our Social Media Captions Membership, they would get bounced off our main site onto another (that style-wise didn’t really match). And then if they wanted to learn more about our software, again they would get bumped of our main site and to a new one. Since moving to Showit, I can finally create pages specifically for different products and services. No matter where someone goes on our site, they will get the same style.” 

Aaaaaand if you’re still on the fence about whether or not a TONIC template can actually be the difference for your business or brand, Elena told us: 

I know people think of themes as nothing more than a theme, but I have to say; [TONIC is] so much more than that. To finally work with something that supports all my ideas and helps me see that there’s so much more I can do, rather than constantly feel constrained and held back from my own potential, has instantly shifted my mindset on what’s possible with my business.

Our work here is done (except we will continue designing for all of eternity because of clients like Elena). So if you feel stuck or burnout, or if you are in need of a site that reignites your passion like Paper Plane sparked continued creativity and limitless potential for Modern Market, click here to shop the collection. 

Do not delte - Ryan
Do not delte - Ryan

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