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If you didn’t already know, our TONIC team is a 100% remote workforce (keyword FORCE), geographically stretching our creative arms from the PNW to New England, the mountains of Virginia to the beaches of Florida,…and everywhere in between. As we find ourselves DEEP in the design/launch cave for our (eek!) upcoming Spring 2022 Showit website template launch, we’ve really settled into the WFH life and we don’t hate it (as much as we really do love actually being with each other).

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite WFH items (AKA things we don’t know how we’d live this remote life without) because you know we love a good recommendation. (Note: none of these are affiliate links, just a few of our favorite things!)


I’ve been proselytizing the best at-home coffee I’ve ever had because it’s seriously the best and basically like what you’d be thrilled to get at any incredible coffee shop.(Doesn’t hurt that the brand is incredible and the whole concept of freshly-brewed, flash-frozen coffee from the world’s best roasters is A+)

You need an aesthetic glass to put your coffee (or cocktail in) in for the impromptu desk photoshoot? GOT YOU. These are super on-trend, pretty, great quality… oh, and $6?!

I refer to these bluelight glasses as my “Zoom Armor” because I can put them on plus a little lipstick and look like I kind of made an effort, and I seriously get compliments on them all the time. (Plus, DIFF is a really cool, philanthropic company, and isn’t it great to feel virtuous when buying stuff?)

Hat tip to my Instagram friend Rachel from Scout House — this Leather Jacket Minimalist Candle is exactly what I want a candle to smell like (basically like a fresh, cedar forest with herbal + citrus undertones, not sweet in the least) and I swear lighting it instantly ups my productivity x 10.

Practically, I’m a mom of three who works from home. I literally could not manage without airpods. Now, hear me out, I HATED the AirPod Pros because the suction in my ears felt weird and gross, so I snagged the newest generation. Long battery life, but no ear suckers! (Bonus: they’re also a little bigger and thus harder to lose!)


I LOVE my Yeti tumbler (I got mine in black because, duh!). It keeps me hydrated all day long, and the best part is that my water stays cold forever.

I’ll admit I’m not allllways working when I’m under my giant Restoration Hardware faux fur throw because, well it’s cozy and sometimes leads to nap time, but it’s the perfect accessory for when I’m in that “I want to work but not feel like I’m working” mood and post-up in the living room.


When back to back meetings start to take the word “back” too seriously, these Lululemon Yoga Blocks are the BEST cure. I use them every single day.

The best part of WFH is the snacks (duh!). Jeni’s Ice Cream is my go-to; my personal faves are Brandied Banana Brûlée and Brown Butter Almond Brittle. They can be delivered too!


I love this Salt Lamp in my MFH space for its benefits (better air quality, mood, and sleep? Sign me up!) and glowy light. 

I’m also obsessed with this Lion’s Mane Elixir for crash-free focus and my headspace subscription because I’m all about habits that support my work performance and mental health.


While my WFH setup is pretty simple (homemade desk, 2 cheap dell monitors, Showit mug, old JBL speaker and an amazon mic), the one unique thing I have is a OHOM Ui Mug that I use in place of my Showit mug when I know the day will be long and I need my coffee to stay warm all day!


The White Hearth Pottery mug I got a couple of years ago is still my absolute favorite. I drink my early morning egg yolk coffee (trust me, it’s so good) in it every single day.

These joggers are like butter and the best I’ve found. I wear them more often than I’d like to admit, and they actually come in “long” which is clutch for my long-limbed self.


This Anker Charging Stand is perfect keeping my phone charged and ready at all times. 

I use my Lume Cube Panel (Ryan also loves this!) for video conferencing and these VIVO office accessories which are very modular to add to and change based on setup needs. 

Oh, and also this vertical ergonomic mouse I’ve been really digging. I was having wrist pain from my other one, and this one is 💯.


This wearable blanket (stay with me…) is my actual favorite work-from-home item and it’s just so freaking comfy.


I diffuse this Lavender Essential Oil constantly and it’s so good, as is my diffuser, which is the perfect size for my home office set-up. 


This portable computer tray is the perfect solution when you have to get inventive in the homestretch of🤰 and the computer desk is in the way!


A cozy blanket for late night work seshs is a MUST, and this serum is so great for those early mornings after late WFH nights.

We may have *added to cart* a few too many times in the compilation of this round-up but there’s something for everyone here and we hope it helps anyone else in need of a little remote-work TLC. If you think we aren’t also enjoying some WFH desk-side (couch-side?) cocktails after all that coffee we’re drinking, you’d be wrong. We’ve got to stay on brand, right? For…research 😉.

Do not delte - Ryan
Do not delte - Ryan

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