Meet Gin Fizz & Amaretto Sour!

Busy season got you dreaming of a trip to Paris? An escape to the mountains? 

Well, we may not be able to offer you – or ourselves – a paid vacation, but we’ve got a treat for you nonetheless: two new designs hit the shop shelves today, and all you have to decide is whether to take your website on an elegant European getaway or a refreshing mountain adventure.

Amaretto Sour and Gin Fizz, two of our all-time favorite original TONIC designs, have been completely reimagined for SHOWIT5 – with beautiful, integrated WordPress blogs to match – and we hope you’ll agree that they’re not only back, but better than ever. 

Great news, guys,” you say. “But ain’t nobody got time for that!” 

We know how it goes. You make plans to upgrade your website in the off-season, but before you know it, May is here and you’re staring down the barrel of another 4 months desperately hoping no one you meet looks at your website until you have a chance to fix it. Which you totally will… In November. Probably. Maybe. 

Right? NO. It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you had a new website live this week? How would it feel to go about your business this spring and summer with total confidence in your website + the way your brand is being seen each day by potential clients online?

We can promise that if you take a few hours to pull together your portfolio, we’ve given you everything else you need to have a gorgeous new website and blog you LOVE up launched a matter of days. 

Because for a successful business, the future is always part of the present. And busy season? Leads to booking season. 

Still unconvinced? Check out some of the recent post-launch notes we’ve gotten from our TONIC regulars:

“Customizing our TONIC site within Showit was the easiest system we’ve ever experienced. It was easy to communicate our vision without spending months (literally) customizing a template. We spent a week tweaking things, and felt confident in our final product. The longest part of our process was simply choosing which images to add to the template!
– Klaire Dixius (Charleston)

“I got it all sorted and am SO thrilled with how it turned out!”
-Anne Ciotola (Negroni)


“Choosing the Paloma template was almost like Chip and Joanna Gaines handing over the keys to the home of my dreams. I booked a wedding (with an ideal client, might I add) just ONE day after launching this baby!  I don’t believe that is coincidence AT ALL.”
– Hannah Smith (Paloma) 

Without further adieu, meet the new designs:

Gin Fizz

Light, fresh and juniper berry-tinged, Gin Fizz is a cleanse for every design palate – full of no-frills-thank-you type and a balanced, spacious design that manages never to feel sparse. For the creative who knows photos – and people – do best when they’re given fresh air, a good book, and a lot of room to breathe. There’s a reason why this cocktail’s a classic.

View Gin Fizzarrow-right


Amaretto Sour

Your monthly Vogue was lost in the mail? Fortunately, we have its replacement. Our Amaretto Sour has arrived (in her Louboutins, of course), and she’s packed with editorial-inspired layouts that’d look just as at home dogeared on your coffee table. Large-scale images, luxe typography, dynamic content spreads (check out the “Favorite Things!”)…you’ll feel like you’ve been featured in your own magazine (and your customers will, too). G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S.

View Amaretto Sourarrow-right


We’d love to hear what you think of the new sites, any particular features that jump out to you, and which one’s your favorite. Thanks for celebrating with us… Now we’re off for a mid-afternoon cocktail / mocktail, respectively!

Do not delte - Ryan
Do not delte - Ryan

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