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The Best Showit Templates for Coaches


If you’re a business coach looking into getting a Showit website, you’re in the right spot. Here at Tonic Site Shop, we create beautiful Showit templates for coaches, photographers, and other creative professionals.

In the always-rising sea of educators and coaches,  it’s both incredibly important AND increasingly difficult to stand out as a business coach. Your unique needs, services and offerings mean you’ve got a laundry list of “must-haves” when it comes to your website — in addition to looking 💯, obviously. And finding a showit template that meets those needs? Proooobably seems impossible.

Let’s just do a little recap: your website must integrate with popular course creation platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, Podia, and others. Showcasing your unique value, a homepage highlights your message and brand statements. A blog provides the perfect space in which to tell your story and give away valuable information. Your offerings should be presented with a pretty (strategic) bow on top, streamlined for clients and crafted to convert, with matching sales pages to make the entire customer sales journey seamless, beautiful, and on brand. And yet, your website is not just about you; it’s uniquely built with social proof and customer stories threaded throughout the entire design.

Along with good coffee and well-fitting jeans, compromising on your website is never a good idea, especially when it means limiting the success we know you can have.

Cool, cool.  As idyllic as this all sounds, it also feels like a tall order. You may be tempted to compromise. But please don’t. Along with good coffee and well-fitting jeans, compromising on your website is never a good idea, especially when it means limiting the success we know you can have. So we say, “Order up!” – all of this is attainable. But I’ll let some others prove it to you. Take a look at how some incredibly successful educators and coaches have used Showit templates to grow their business and maximize profits. We’ve rounded up The best Showit templates for coaches that prove that you can have it all and get exactly what you need:

Margarita Showit Template for Coaches

Our best-selling Showit template, and loaded with features, Margarita is a site made for business coaches because aside from an energetic and colorful aesthetic, you get built-in sales and services pages, engaging blog and podcast pages, and an about page that takes you from “did we just become best friends?” to “we’ve gotta work together.”

All the party and professionalism you want, Margarita is designed for you to connect with and convert your dream clients.  Not sure the vibe is quite your style? She’s fully customizable.

Check out these killer examples of boss business coaches who’ve made Margarita their own.

Sarah Featherstone – Coaching for Creatives

Sarah Featherstone, who uses the Margarita Showit template, offers coaching “for women who want to live and lead with purpose.” Check out her about page to discover how she’s using her lifetime love of stories to empower others to find purpose and reach their goals.  We love how she’s chosen a soothing color palette that reflects her mindful approach and has created clear and beautifully designed “How it Works” and “Coaching Might Be A Great Fit for You” sections, utilizing site space to explain her thoughtful and personal approach…you can just imagine clients saying “Ahhh…” as they click “book.”

“If you want a kick-ass website without the cost of hiring a professional, TONIC is your answer.”

Sara Featherstone

Tania Bhattacharyya – Business Coach

Tania Bhattacharyya is the founder of Lumos Marketing, offering thought leadership branding, helping clients strategically grow their communities and attract the needed resources to turn a cause into a movement. We love how her Margarita Showit template uses strong colors reflect her bold approach to coaching clients toward confidence and courage, and her “Services” page not only defines what she provides to clients, but is interactive, with clever and clear “a good fit for you if:” options. Take a look at how she’s incorporated testimonies for big impact here; and judging by what her clients say, her courage is clearly contagious.

“I just launched my new business and buying the Margarita template was the best investment I could have made.”

Tania Bhattacharyya

Haley Burkhead – Coach for Content Creators

Haley Burkhead, who uses the Margarita Showit template, helps course and workshop creators grow their businesses while changing the world for the better. She’s a bubbly personality that promises big numbers for her clients, and she’s got the track record to prove it. She says “business is just a really fun game,” and it’s definitely one we want to play. Check out her podcast page to see how she’s incorporated podcast content, and her $ Reports page where she bares all to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly of the financial process that’s resulted in a multi-million dollar business. She’s letting you see her cards, and her transparency makes it all real and inspiring.

Jenna Black – Wealth & Business Coach

Jenna Black, “The Abundance Queen,” is a wealth and business coach whose approach as a soul activator and energy healer for “women who desire it all,” focuses on aligning one’s soul and purpose, helping women find meaning and prosperity as they rewrite their stories. The Margarita Showit template is perfect for her website needs. Browsing her site is like walking into a room where the energy is peaceful yet powerful, all zen vibes and intimate conversations about abundance and potential. She outlines her “Magnetic as F*ck” program, customizing her sales page with a sexy, high contrast color palette, empowering and intriguing language, and clear options. Her blog is brimming with inspiration, and we love how her site embodies who she is as much as what she offers, which is magnetic as…well, you know. And who would want in on that?

Paper Plane Showit Template for Coaches

A Showit template built to convert for business coaches, Paper Plane is that perfect combination of pretty and smart we all want. Modern and organic, sophisticated and tranquil, she’s not all looks; she’s a Showit website stacked with a killer homepage, blog design options, sales and services pages, a podcast page, super-chic about page, and more.

With endless customization and easy-to-follow tutorials, Paper Plane becomes exactly what you need for your business, providing you with everything you need to create a beautiful space to tell your story, showcase your services, and seal the deal (again and again…and again).

Check out these examples of Paper Plane in the wild.

Sigute Zitikyte – Personal Brand Coach

Sigute Zitikyte is your go-to girl for brand building, business mentorship, and project management, and she’s channeling her expertise and wisdom toward helping “the proudly ambitious and multipassionate” design a life marked abundance, simplicity, and creativity.  Using the Paper Plane Showit template, check out her gorgeous blog (spoiler alert; it’s not just career advice, although she’s got some solid tips there, too). We love how she’s personalized Paper Plane to reflect both her deep love of life and “get sh*t done” approach to business.

Julie Paisley – Success Coach for Creatives

Julie Paisley is a pivot and success coach for creatives who want personalized mentorship, helping entrepreneurs make big changes and develop a sustainable business model. With a background in photography, her website highlights how images with a personal aesthetic work perfectly within the Paper Plane Showit template…and we just love how her feminine, romantic, and ethereal gallery takes you on a walk through Parisian streets and along the California coast. She’s like that talented friend who also happens to have the best advice, and her Shop page beautifully sells both her photography products and business coaching options, illustrating the versatility this template offers.

Brand Comber – Brand Strategy Coach

Brand Comber is an intimate team of brand experts who only do branding because they passionately believe it’s what matters most. The clean fonts and high contrast colors used in this Paper Plane Showit template evoke a modern edge, and we love how they’ve married their branding specialization to their love of the ocean – their site reflects both so..swell. You know we can’t resist a good pun. Check out their Services page to see how they’ve laid out what they do clearly and beautifully.

Kathrin Fox

Kathrin Fox of Women Rising is a leadership coach and “transformation catalyst” who offers coaching, soulful groups and retreats, and speaking and facilitation. Her site is a stunner, with swoon-worthy images that truly show off what the Paper Plane Showit template can do.  She’s customized her site menu in a slide out side bar that makes for big impact when you enter her homepage. Striking and soulful, feminine and spiritual, her website alone transports you to a beautiful place, leaving you to imagine what working with her can do.


We could go on and on with countless examples of boss business coaches turning our Showit templates into money-making machines that are also really beautiful. Each of these templates were made with you in mind. And here’s the cherry on top: these templates provide a website that can grow with you. As you offer new products, courses, and projects, your site will be able to support you and your growing ventures.  We truly believe that you need a site that can move as fast as you do.

What does this mean, exactly? The cohesive look of each of these Showit templates establishes authority. Your Instagram page, sales page, shop page, and main website can all match, showing your potential client that you’re attentive to detail and laser-focused. Thoughtfully designed and personalized, your website will be a representation of your expertise, authority, and precision. 

The best part? You never have to worry about the technical side. The features of Showit are just better than WordPress, Squarespace, or other platforms, allowing you to focus on the thing only you can do.

Do not delte - Ryan
Do not delte - Ryan

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