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Tonic Canva Template

Mood Board Template


Looking for a beautiful, aesthetic way to show, not tell what you’re all about? Our mood board section template is a total showstopper moment for your website. Use it to display your own work and add-to + swap in the images and gifs of your choice (or don’t — it’s packed with free stock images you can keep!).

Often Purchased Together

  • Often Purchased Together *

    Affiliate Shop Page


    Ready to add a revenue stream or... six? Add the Affiliate Shop Page to any Showit site  to streamline your commissionable links in style. Create on-brand recommendations, list shoppable blog posts or products, and build a wildly-effective destination that enables easy sales for you and a straightforward shopping experience for anyone seeking your recommendations.


    Media Kit Page


    Ready to book some incredible brand and partnership deals? Imagine the impact when you send them THIS instead of that low-res PDF from Etsy. The Media Kit Page is your beautiful, high-impact turn-key asset to help you garner coverage and collaborations… no matter the size of your brand.


    Insta Links Page


    Why not give your audience an experience from first click? Our Instagram Links page replaces that boring #linkinprofile with an immersive space that puts all your key resources, links and important info at your viewers fingertips (and wows them in the process).




Oh, the possibilities. Think how great this could be as a portfolio highlights section, style guide, or product mood board! You can add it to a page of your site or use it as a standalone visual board (trust us, the motion is *everything*) The layouts, fonts, images, and colors are all completely editable, you can add-to duplicate this section as many times as you like. Have fun making your virtual vision board! *For use with Showit only.

🙅‍♀️ No Code Required

↗️ Drag & Drop Editor

💸 Conversion-Driven

🎨 Fully Customizable

🔍 SEO Ready

📱 Mobile Friendly

What's Included:

✓ A designer-made, conversion-driven website template you can add to any Showit website in seconds.

✓ Full responsive design to look stunning on every device

✓ SEO Expert-optimized design, built to get you found on Google

✓ Video tutorials to help you get your page added to your site

✓ Instant access to the template — no waiting for delivery

✓ Copy prompts and snippets to get — and keep — you inspired

✓ Integration with Wordpress for blog posts and pages 

✓ Access to our TONIC-exclusive Facebook community 

✓ Friendly, human, helpful template support for life.

The TONIC Difference

Designer Websites

Designer Quality

Designer Results

Designer Prices

We get it. Entrepreneur life is face-paced, ever-changing... and often, pretty overwhelming. You need a website you can rely on to sell for you. And one less thing to worry about. And "NEW WEBSITE I DON'T HATE" finally checked off your to-do list.

That's why we made our website templates easy to use, entirely customizable, strategic, and sexy as hell and built them on Showit (basically, the Canva of website design). So you can take control of your website, feel confident in the way you show up online, and get back to doing — and getting paid for — what you love. 

A stunning, designer website in an instant. No more searching or waiting. You see it, you like it, it's yours. 

Completely customizable and easy to use (you don't need to be a designer!) on the Showit platform.

Built with the same award-winning caliber of design we're known for after 12+ years working with the top entrepreneurs in the industry.

All of the impact, bells, whistles, and results of a fully custom website at a fraction of the cost


(Drag and) Drop It Like It's Hot:

Our sites are easy — dare we say fun? — to customize, tested and pre-optimized to work. Simply click to type, drag images around — it's a visual learner's dream!  


No code. No Tears. No limits. Customize anything you want! With our templates, you can drag and drop your way to the site of your dreams.

SEO Optimized
By Our Experts

Get found by your dream clients. We've got the top SEO-expert in the industry ensuring Google loves your site as much as you do.

Champagne Quality;
Light-Beer Budget

Because a stunning, designer website doesn't have to cost you your firstborn child, six months of your life, or your sanity.

 Select Your New Website Template

Access Your Free Guides and Tutorial Library

Drag & Drop In Your Content + Customize!

Arguably the hardest part. Can't decide? No problem. Take our almost-creepily-accurate quiz, or click right here to compare the templates.

 In addition to our tutorial library, you'll receive our Launch Your Site checklist, and entire email series that walks you through the process from start to finish.

Unlike most platforms, using our templates, you can easily change anything you want — or keep it as is! You'll use our favorite website builder, Showit — fair warning that it's a little addicting! 

Launch a Website You're Proud to Show Off

Watch Your New Website Go to Work for You

Become a TONIC Affiliate and Make $$$

You'll get a great pre-launch checklist and help from the Showit team to launch your new site. Did we mention we'll pass along a free launch graphics kit to make this part easier, too? 

Our templates are built with all the strategy (and prompts) you need to attract + convert your dream client AND get you found on Google.

Last step, best step — everyone's going to be asking about your stunning new site, so why not make a little $$ when you tell them all about it? More details here.

How it Works

Select your site, tailor it for your brand, launch it, and sit back with a cocktail while the compliments roll in.

with TONIC

Customer Showcase

Designed to stand out. Proven to convert. Your old website's already jealous.

Can I add ‘A La Carte’ pages to my existing website?

So long as you have a Showit website, YES! All you have to do is follow the instructions outlined in THIS tutorial and your website will be growing faster than your lawn.

What platform are these templates for?

Our templates are built on Showit — a powerful drag and drop website builder that we've been using for over a decade. The best part? You don’t need to write a single line of code. A Showit subscription is required to use our templates, which includes hosting for both your site and blog, use of the software to customize and manage your site, and tech support along the way. Please note that our templates are not compatible with Squarespace, Wix, or other platforms.

What is Showit?

Showit is a web design and hosting platform that allows you to create a completely custom desktop and mobile website, all with a drag and drop interface that requires no coding. It integrates with WordPress for easy blogging and SEO. It’s our favorite platform ever. Read more about it and how it works right here.

What will I need to get started?

All you need is a Showit account and BOOM you’re in business and ready to get started!

Are the fonts included? How about the photos?

Whenever possible, we either use free / Google fonts or pre-license custom fonts so you don’t have to. But there are some cases where an additional license is required and that is noted in the installation instructions for each template.

As for the photos, some of our templates featured free stock images that you can keep and use annnd others feature images from photographers or Social Squares (a paid stock photo subscription). That being said, it varies depending on the design and the usage restrictions will be noted accordingly in the installation instructions for each template.

How does the domain stuff work?

You don't need one to start designing your site BUT you do need one when you're ready to launch. We suggest you go ahead and snag the one you're after just so you have it. (We recommend using GoDaddy.) And Showit support will help guide you through the process of configuring your domain.

Is Showit good for SEO?

Yes! Not only are all our templates pre-optimized by our in-house SEO expert to ensure Google loves your site as much as you do, the website platform we use, Showit, has powerful, built-in SEO tools on the ready to help you rank.

We actually wrote a whole post on why Showit’s so great for SEO, which you can find right here. PLUS, we’ve created a free training that goes over SEO specifically for Showit users. Our 3 Days to Better SEO is a great place to start! It will go over what SEO is and 3 things you can do to better your SEO on your Showit website.

How will I access my design?

At checkout, you will create a TONIC user account. Once you're signed in, you can find your Showit sharekeys in the "My Products'' tab! You’ll then load your new template into Showit and be on your way to launching a new site you love. We detail the exact process right here on our Getting Started page.

What is the process for using the Showit Builder

The Showit builder can only be accessed on a desktop computer or laptop using the Google Chrome browser. Read more about it here.

What can I change about my template?

Ev-er-y-thing! No seriously! Our templates are completely customizable! Every element you see within the design can be tailored to your vision specifically for your brand and business. Edit anything you want, or don't and leave it just like it is! Either way, no code, no limits. No weeping into your keyboard. (And no Photoshop or design skills required...)

Do you offer any customer support?

Um, yes! This isn't some impersonal template shop. Our customer service team is legendary. We're here to help, and you'll also get access to email support from us (just email!), live chat support from Showit for anything more technical about your site or platform, and access to both our respective Facebook groups. Combined, we're more supportive than your bra.

I’m not a designer — can I really do this?

YOU SURE CAN! We aim is to provide creatives with on-the-ready, beautifully-designed website designs that you can easily build and customize on your own. With a little elbow grease and support (from us and the Showit team), you'll have your new virtual digs in no time! Our designs really do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to the design aspect! If you can drag and drop, you can customize your design to meet your vision and needs for your online presence!

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