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A Few of Our Favorite Things

Is it just us or is a Friday the 13th that also falls just weeks before Christmas extra ironic? The to-do lists, unstuffed stockings, unwrapped (okay, un-bought) presents, and those year-end deadlines just looming over your head like, “oh heyyyy, I’m still heeeeere.”

Before we can really slow down this holiday season, we have to wrap up this year in a beautiful box and perfectly situated bow. Then, we can all cocoa and chill. 

Thankfully, there’s one thing we’re really good at during the holidays, and that’s online shopping. And while we slightly procrastinated this year, we wanted to share our go-to, no-fail, return-proof gifts that are tried and true for our fellow Santa-slackers out there. (Note: none of these are affiliate links, just a few of our favorite things!)

We’re pouring a little team TONIC holiday cheer to stash under the tree for your loved ones below.

01. Olive & Linen Tea Towels

I use these hand towels in my kitchen and bathroom (and as napkins / table runners, too). They’re light, high quality, chic, and affordable! Gift in a basket of fresh bread or muffins or by themselves. (Per Chris <3 Julia, you can save 30% with the code CLJ30). Shop Here

02. Project 62 (Target) Ceramic Candle

This debossed, delicious-smelling candle (currently lit on my counter) is heavy on minimalist style and light on your wallet. $12.99? Buy one for everyone you know.Shop Here

03. Corksicle Water

Unsurprisingly, all it took for me to increase my water intake was a pretty water bottle with a great lid and a Rifle Paper Co. floral pattern. Everyone needs more water, right? Shop Here (I also loved this black and white color block number… honorable mention!)

05. Huckle Goose Cookbook

Full disclosure, I know the authors and Jeff and I both have (and love) their monthly recipe plan subscription, but this cookbook and EVERY recipe in it is amazing. The Korean tacos are worth the price of the book alone. Shop Here

06. Laneige Lip Mask

I got sucked into this lip mask when I saw a bunch of influencers hawking it last year, but GUYS, it lived up to the hype and now I use it every night. A perfect little stocking stuffer. Shop Here

01. Ceramic Knot

Anything made by Virginia Sin is on a permanent resident on my wish list. I’m obsessed with this knot ceramic piece and am secretly hoping Santa will bring me one for Christmas. Perfect for a bookshelf accessory or on top of a stack of coffee table books. Shop Here

02. Crate & Barrel Nesting Bowls

Nesting bowls in 5 shades of grey? Yup. I love their organic shape, how they go with everything, annnnd the variety of sizes. I’ve gifted these babies lots and they’re always a win. Shop Here

03. Cedar & Hyde Candle

I want this candle burning all day, e’ry day. It’s perfectly masculine and woodsy and delicious. You would buy one for yourself annnd for a man friend in your life. Trust me on this one. Shop Here

04. Restoration Hardware Fur Throw

You guys, you GUYS! This is hands down my favorite thing in my house. I use it every day for nap time. It’s so heavy and cozy and all our guests fight over who gets it when they come over. And now we have three. So really it’s the gift that keeps on giving… itself back to us. Shop Here

01. Quip Toothbrush

A necessity that’s also super stylish? Count. Us. In. This elevated electric toothbrush is perfect for that person who’s just really hard to shop for. Shop Here

02. Buck Mason Tee

The shirts that your husband (or boyfriend) didn’t know they were missing. Until now. These super curated, classic tees (and shirts) are a go-to from the workplace to the weekend! And a favorite wardrobe staple. Trust me. My husband LIVES in Buck Mason! Shop Here

03. Packing Cubes

For the passport-stamp chaser (or the overly organized) in your fam, these packing cubes are sure to keep their suitcase tidy and under the 50 lb weight limit. Well, maybe. Shop Here

04. Initial Necklace

An understated yet sentimental gift that the recipient can sport year-round as a sweet reminder of a person or place that’s important to them. Shop Here

And if you got to the end of that and were like, “Um, hello, what about the cocktails?!” here’s the lightning round for any beverage enthusiast on your list: we love this beautifully-branded tonic syrup gift set, these stunning coupes from CB2 are on our list this year, as is this extremely sexy jigger. Jen keeps this Old Fashioned starter in her fridge at all times, we both swear by stemless champagne flutes, use these gold cocktail picks all the time, and believe these copper straws make every drink a little more special.

We hope this helps you round out your shopping amidst all the deadlines… cheers to a future of cocoa and chill!

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