Starting Over Isn't Giving Up

Starting Over Isn’t Giving Up

In retrospect, I should’ve known better. In the south, especially where I grew up in Central Texas, holiday food is sacred. All traditions revolve around food. What you eat, how you eat it, when you eat, and the football game you watch before or after you eat it — that’s the fabric of your family legacy. […]

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Don't Be An Ostrich

Don’t Be An Ostrich

Ostriches are Really Dumb and Other Life Lessons from My Childhood The dust rises in his wake and bystanders watch in awe as his powerful, piston-like legs pound the sod — a picture of athletic grace. Long, purposeful strides thrust him through yard after yard, and though the muscles in his strong thighs strain, somehow […]

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Hold My Bagel

Hold My Bagel

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Things I probably shouldn’t publicly admit!” Last time, we covered my newly-discovered bulk seed secret. Today, I’m going a little deeper into self-analysis, and the results involve lamps, bagels, and my mom’s labor and delivery doctor (just… go with it, okay?). So, here’s something you should about me: I’m a […]

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The All-New

Happy Wednesday, friends! We realized that in all of our new website and blog launch excitement last week, we basically just published, said HERE YOU GO, IT’S REAL PRETTY, and collapsed onto our respective couches with a much-needed cocktail. Now that we’ve had a chance to recover, we thought we’d take you guys on a little tour! […]

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The Tonic Blog

Hello there, TONIC friends, and welcome to the all new TONIC blog! As former communications / journalism majors and, um, highly verbal people (to put it nicely), it’s really quite impressive we’ve lasted this long without a way to send more words out onto the internet. We’ve actually been wanting to launch a blog for […]

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