First, you buy your dream site. Then what? Here in The Speakeasy, find out where to start, get inspiration from our lookbook of real TONIC sites, and hear what our customers, (we call them the Tonic Regulars) have to say about their experience.




Do it yourself

Over 90% of our customers customize their site all on their own. It's totally possible, and we've got tutorials, live support chat, and a dedicated Facebook group to help if you need it!

The most common question we get is "How does all this work?" followed by "Can I do it myself?" and "What if I need help?" We've got you covered: here are the top three ways to proceed after you've purchased your TONIC site.



Pick a site & get started


Want to DIY, but still get that polished designer look? After you're done customizing, book a 2 hour "Just a Splash" session with us to perfect your site and answer any final questions!


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Not the DIY type? Want a little more help? We can recommend a designer to build out your site and tailor it until it fits your brand to a (Long Island iced) 'T'.  Just let us know! 


Find a designer

Just A Splash

Perfect for pre-launch fine tuning or addressing any problem areas that came up that you just need a little designer help on, our 1-2 hour Just A Splash design session is the perfect way to get your site launch ready. Here's what's included:


Book your session

half hour phone consultation call with Jen or Jeff

A site review of your near ready site preview

1-2 hours of design work to fine-tune your site  and to address whatever you'd like us to



We can't wait to work with you! Please fill out the form below so that we have all the details needed for your design session with us. We will follow up shortly with any questions we have and to schedule your session. 

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We'll be in touch shortly. We aim to respond to emails within 48 hours Monday-Friday from 9-5 PST. We can't wait to chat and raise a glass with you!




Jordan Quinn Photography

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tonic original: gin fizz

Alexandra Vonk Photography

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tonic original: negroni

Amanda Adams Photography

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tonic original: rendezvous


Tonic sites can be customized to fit any brand & every style. With a few clicks and a change of the garnish, Mint Julep gets minimal and fresh, Negroni gets dapper, and Vodka Soda is suddenly soft and feminine. We’ve made it easy, because we don’t believe any creative should be stuck with a template that "just isn’t quite me." Can’t imagine the possibilities? Take a look at a few favorite sites from our TONIC Regulars:

“People are saying that this new brand represents me perfectly and for that, I am so thankful! My TONIC site definitely has that 'WOW' factor I always dreamed of.”

I found TONIC when I was searching for a new site that would communicate my brand clearly and give people a sense of who I am in a polished and beautiful way. I wanted something that would wow my clients, and I believe the my TONIC site definitely has that "WOW" factor I always dreamed of. Since my recent launch, I have had dozens of emails, texts & comments letting me know how much people love the new site. But more than that, people are saying that this new brand represents me perfectly and for that, I am so thankful! The experience of working with TONIC has been incredible, from beginning to end. 



“When I saw my template design on your site, I immediately knew it was the ONE. In fact, I gasped.”

I want to express my sincerest gratitude for everything Tonic has done for Roots of Life Photography. For over 2 years, I struggled to figure out what to do with my branding. I was so overwhelmed with wanting to find my own voice, be original and yet stay current. When I saw my template design on your site, I immediately knew it was the ONE. In fact, I gasped. The clean lines, overall elegance & classic nature of the template has really helped take my work to that next level. I have gotten so many compliments on the website, blog and mobile site & I am over the moon happy with my decision to go Showit & Tonic. 



“I was able to customize my site to fit me perfectly.... It's a fresh and wonderful feeling to have a professional-looking website that reflects my personality!”

I'm not so much a cocktail girl as I am a Lagavulin 16 year single malt girl, and was impressed by the cleverness of the "sites on tap" theme at Tonic (genius!)... After browsing the site collection, the Paloma design immediately caught my eye! The layout was fantastic, and I could visualize my own images while browsing their sample site. While I was initially intimidated by the learning curve, with the help of the Showit Support studs & Jen, I was able to customize my site to fit me perfectly. I've gotten amazing feedback on the my site from clients and photographers, and am so giddy that my new website is live! It's a fresh and wonderful feeling to have a professional looking website that reflects my personality!



“I am so thankful I (finally) found and invested in a TONIC site - I am completely obsessed with my website and get compliments from clients & other wedding vendors constantly!!”

Annamarie akins

My tonic site is clean and professional. I had purchased templates in the past, but customizing this website with Jeff has completely transformed my brand. The hardest part of the process was probably choosing the template that was right for me. They are all incredibly well designed and so different from one another! I ended up going with Rendezvous. The template itself was already unique, gorgeous and super user-friendly, but the tweaking for my brand took it to another level. I am so thankful I (finally) found and invested in a TONIC website - I am completely obsessed with my website and get compliments from clients and other wedding vendors constantly!!


“I first was drawn to the TONIC sites because of they seemed to stand-out against other similar competitors. The style was more sophisticated & strong...”

Graham terhune

and the depth and customization possibilities seemed endless. I really wanted a site that was different yet recognizable. TONIC's platform for customizing allows for that. Without a doubt, I feel like my TONIC site helped improve the overall feel and impact of my brand. Our photos needed a clean and sophisticated platform to be showcased, and I feel our site is the perfect vehicle for that. During our “Just A Splash” design session, Jeff was beyond helpful and informative and most importantly, gave honest and upfront feedback about fonts, images, placement...key elements from a professional who knows his stuff that I felt really helped put the icing on the cake for our site. There’s no doubt in my mind that choosing a TONIC site was one of the best decisions I have made for our business!


“If I could go back in time, I would purchase a TONIC site much earlier in my career as a wedding photographer...”

Annamarie akins

The high end professional feel of the template site combined with Jen and Jeff's creative direction and advice, instantly brought my work and brand to the next level. I'm so grateful for how the site showcases my work and represents me as an artist. It allowed me to increase my prices and reach my dream client! And it makes me feel 10 x cooler as an added bonus. I'm so grateful for a pretty and professional space for my work to call home! And I love being a part of the TONIC family!



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