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How does Showit work?

Here’s an overview of how Showit works. This tutorial covers the following:

  • How to navigate through the Showit app
  • How to install a Showit website template to your account
  • How to edit your design
  • How to embed code
  • SEO for Showit
  • How Showit blogs work
How to Build a Showit Website in a Day [NO CODE NEEDED]
Can I use Dubsado with Showit + TONIC?

Yes you can! You can embed your Dubsado contact forms right onto your TONIC template. View instructions HERE.

Is WordPress better than Showit?

It’s true that WordPress is an excellent website platform, and the best part is that Showit actually uses WordPress for the blog pages on their sites!

Many people think that WordPress is the only way to make it online, but when it comes to SEO, the truth is that it doesn’t matter what platform you use. What matters the most is what content you have on your site. A WordPress website with a lack of helpful content and keywords is not going to outrank or out perform a website with high-quality/helpful content and keywords built on a different website platform.

If you check out this blog post by Biran Dean, one of the top SEO specialists out there, he analyzes millions of page #1 results and here are a few of the findings:

  • Comprehensive content with a high “Content Grade” (via Clearscope), significantly outperformed content that didn’t cover a topic in-depth.
  • We found no correlation between page loading speed (as measured by Alexa) and first page Google rankings.
  • HTML page size does not have any correlation with rankings. In other words, heavy pages have the same chance to rank as light pages.
  • Websites with above-average “time on site” tend to rank higher in Google.

Here’s someone asking the same question in the comment section

All that to say, in my opinion (and a lot of other SEO expert opinions), it doesn’t matter what platform you choose, what matters most is that you provide high-quality content (information) about a specific topic on your website.

Now for the fun part! What should you look for in a website platform if SEO is not a factor? You should choose a platform that is easy to use, and allows you (the business owner) to make changes and updates to your website seamlessly! That’s why we love Showit and recommend it to everyone. You can give it a try here, and you can watch this tutorial to see how Showit works, and how easy it is to use!

— Ryan

Do these designs work with Squarespace?

Our sites can only be used with Showit. Your Showit subscription includes hosting for both your site and blog, use of the software to customize and manage your site, and tech support along the way. More information on their pricing can be found here.

Do these designs work with Wordpress?

The blog included with your design + Showit subscription is a WordPress blog, so you still get the power of WordPress for blogging but your site is hosted and customized exclusively via the Showit platform! Here’s more info on how that works! 🙂

Do these designs integrate with Kajabi?

Our designs can’t be loaded into Kajabi. But you can link to the Kajabi payment gateway specifically for your product, course, membership, etc. from your TONIC site so clients can see what you offer via your TONIC site, hosted by Showit, but will be redirected for the actual payment processing and access to the purchased materials.

Do these designs integrate with Shopify?

While our designs can’t be loaded into Shopify, our designs integrate with Shopify Lite via our Shop Page add on. Showit is not an e-commerce focused platform, so you have to use an outside integration like Shopify Lite to incorporate selling products through your TONIC site. Our Shop Page is ideal for small shops (less than 50 products). Here’s our tutorial on how to set up the Shop Page on your site.

How does this work? I don't get it.

The cool thing about TONIC is that our aim is to provide creatives with on-the-ready, beautifully-designed website designs that they can easily build and customize on their own. And most of our clients do just that (and do so very well, I might add)! So it’s definitely something you can get started on right away with a little elbow grease and support (from us and the Showit team), you’ll have your new virtual digs in no time! Our designs really do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to the design aspect! If you can drag and drop, you can customize your design to meet your vision for your online presence. Just take it from these creatives who did just that! And here’s a demo so you can see the backend/Showit design dashboard used to customize your TONIC design.

Can I change the fonts and colors?

Yes! All fonts and colors can be updated via the design settings in your Showit dashboard to match your brand and vision exactly.

Do you host this site?

We do not host your site! Rather, we provide website templates that are made for the Showit platform specifically. Showit actually hosts your site and blog.

Do you provide the domain?

We do not provide domains. And Showit doesn’t provide domain hosting! So, you will need to purchase your own domain and domain hosting via a domain registrar, we recommend GoDaddy or Hover to search for and purchase your domain. More on that HERE. Once your site is launch ready, you can point your domain to your site — which will make it live!

Which design is for me?

Great question! We have this fun brand quiz to tell you just that! Take the quiz HERE.

Got some more lingering questions? 

Fret not. We got you, Boo! Connect with our Customer Success team via the chat icon on the bottom right of this page or shoot them an email at and they'd be happy to help answer any burning questions you still have. 

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