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The website of your dreams? It's been mixed to perfection and waiting for you at the bar.

Completely Customizable Websites for the Modern, Stylish Creative

showit website templates

shop the collection →

The website of your dreams? It's already mixed to perfection and waiting for you at the bar.

Completely Customizable Websites for the Modern, Stylish Creative

showit website templates

shop the collection →

We've Redefined the Website Template.


And not only what it can be, but how it can look, what it can do, and what it can do for your brand. Throw out everything you know about templates: these are completely customizable Showit websites designed for people who give a damn.

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the tonic difference

Incredibly User-Friendly Drag & Drop Design

You'll use an intuitive platform called Showit to customize your website template design to fit your brand... without needing to know a single line of code. Just drag & drop it like it's hot. No tears. No code. No limits.

*Completely* Customizable to Fit Your Brand

What can you customize? Literally anything. Change fonts, colors, layouts — keep as much of the original design as you like, or use it as a baseline to create something totally yours.

Turn Heads and Convert Leads on *Every* Device

With our templates, you have unparalleled control over what people see on desktop and mobile. No weird overlapping text or “Really, it's waaay better on a computer.” 

Take the Quiz: What's Your Brand Cocktail?

get brand advice + help choosing your site

take the quiz! (in just 60 seconds)

Find out the secret ingredients in your shaker, and what sets you apart from everyone else on the (top) shelf... Plus, get our specific strategies to ensure your ideal clients pick you off the menu every time.

what's your brand cocktail?

Sophisticated and sleek, she’s ready to make a statement. 

Lita Grey

Bright, fresh, intentional, and minimal, she’s ready to work hard (with a splash of fun).


Editorial, feminine, refined... but a little edgy, whiskey on the rocks.


Classic, refined and always on time, French 75 does it all with subtle elegance and effervescent charm.

French 75

Has being a total boss ever looked THIS fun? We submit that it has not.


Like a breath of fresh air for the internet… Built beautifully, designed to convert.

Paper Plane

The cure for the common wedding photography website — fine art, high-impact, built to wow.

Clover Club

For those who like their website warm, stylish, and modern, but finished with a little zest. 


Your monthly Vogue was lost in the mail? Fortunately, we have its replacement.

Amaretto Sour

So fresh and clean and wonderfully spacious, it can’t go down without an “ahhh.”

Gin & Tonic


a la carte template pages

Site Add-Ons

Looking for the right garnishes to complete your site? We've got individual page templates you can add to any Showit site — from our bestselling Insta Links page (for your #linkinbio) to the "favorite things" affiliate shop, to our all-new timeline, proposal, quiz result, shop and podcast pages... add 'em on!

If you just need one or two add-on, you can purchase each a-la-carte via separate transactions, bundle them all to save big, or add on our bestselling Links Bundle at checkout. 


Platonic design soulmates and the team behind Tonic's collection of customizable websites, we're longtime brand + website designers trusted by clients like Jenna Kutcher, Jillian Harris, Jaclyn Johnson, Chris Loves Julia, Katrina Scott, The Everygirl, Brit & Co., Almost 30, Boss Babe, Wit & Delight, Natalie Franke, Katelyn James, KT Merry, and more ...

Think of us as your new website wingmen.

meet jen and jeff

more about us

bottom line: we're cocktail lovers on a mission to hook you up with a website as creative, unique, and stunning as you are.

who we're for:

We provide the industry-leading Showit website templates for creatives, coaches, photographers, educators, podcasters, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, content marketers, business to business service providers, copywriters... essentially, we're for anyone with a business that needs to look fantastic online.

Wondering if TONIC will work for you? Check out our showcase. 

Real Customers. Real Sites.


Wondering what our templates look in REAL life? Browse our customer showcase to read real TONIC stories, see our templates in action, and even sort each template by industry and by type. (It's kind of addicting.)

want to see TONIC in action?


Get a stylish designer site in an instant...

 No hunting for a designer and offering them your life savings + your firstborn to spend months of precious time designing something you maaaaay not even love in the end. Just boom... Done.


...that totally doesn't look like a template. 

It's just as beautiful, complex and intentionally handcrafted as any expensive custom site on the market. (Bold statement, but it's true.) If you're looking for standard, big box templates that do nothing to showcase your particular brand of awesome and require a design wizard-unicorn to decently DIY....  look elsewhere.


Easily edit anything you want. 

Or don't and leave it just like it is! Either way, no code, no limits. No weeping into your keyboard. (And no Photoshop or design skills required... that's our job, man!)


What you see is exactly what you'll get.

The only thing you'll need to make the site look great is your content. You see a site, you buy the site, you get the site, you launch + fall madly in love with your own website, which is weird and also totally acceptable around here. Amen.


Bells, whistles, and cat calls included.

SEO optimized. Responsive. Mobile-friendly. Ready for list-building, sales page-ing, client-wow-ing and more.  You know all those buzzword boxes people say you've gotta check? We checked 'em for you.

Finally, a website that moves as fast as you do — just one instant download and a matter of hours from going live, looking incredible, and changing your business forever ... at a *fraction* of the custom site price tag.


You're one click away from a website that's going to change the game for you and your business. Get excited.

Pick out your new site

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