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Hey friend, are you ready to actually understand what SEO is? We're not into complicating SEO. That's why we’ve made it our goal to break down SEO in an easily digestible 3 part series (with some extra bonuses) that’s sure to get you found online.

Are you ready for SEO training that’s easy to understand and will actually get you results?

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What SEO *really* is

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How to track your keyword rankings

How your website design is keeping you from getting found online.

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more website traffic comes from search engines than social media.

Read that again.


how much more likely a lead from Google is to become a paying customer than a lead than from paid advertising.


of users click the top 4 search results.


of all website traffic comes from organic searches.

75% never make it past the first page


more pages are ranked on Google from companies that blog than from companies that don’t blog


of people start their online session by searching on Google.

They could be looking for you.

Why SEO?

It can't be *that* important, right?

Are you convinced yet?

SEO is not dead.

Which reminds me. You know where they hide dead bodies, right?

No, where!?

What's inside this SEO training:

This 3 part email training is everything you need to get started with SEO. Not only will you learn what SEO is all about and why it’s important for your business, you’ll get actionable steps you can take to actually improve your SEO. Each email comes with video tutorials covering the topics below. You’ll also get free access to our SEO content guide!


Intro to SEO

Understanding Google

Let’s get a solid understanding of SEO before we jump into optimizing our website. SEO is a vital part of growing your business and we want to show you why before we show you how. We’ll cover what SEO really is, what Google is looking for, and why it’s so important to invest time into optimizing your site for search engines.

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Understanding Keywords

Step one is getting Google and your website visitors to understand who you are and what you do. If you want Google to rank you for terms your dream clients are searching for, you need keywords on your website.

How to find keywords for your homepage

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SEO-Friendly Content

The magic trick to SEO

Content is why we have search engines like Google. It’s what people are looking for online and what will get us found online. Without the right content you’ll miss out on tons of potential clients landing on your website.

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Track Your Results

Have you ever wondered if you even rank in Google? I have, and it’s no fun. We’re going to show you how you can track which keywords you rank for with a free, easy to use tool called Google Search Console.


Design & SEO

Ok we lied, there’s a bonus email. We couldn't let you go without showing you how your website design plays a role in SEO… because it *does*. Google is not only looking for quality content, they’re also looking for a user friendly home for that content. Your website’s user experience is important.

Knowledge is power.

Does design play a role in SEO?

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Ready to finally understand SEO?

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If you've been wondering:

→ Where do I start with SEO?
→ What are SEO keywords?
→ Does Google know who I am?
→ How do I know if I land on page #1?
→ Does my website scare people away?

Then this is for you.

3 Days to better SEO

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Hi, I'm Ryan Moreno

I'm a Showit SEO specialist with a passion for business, travel, design, and... Google! I am originally from California, but have been living all over the world for the past 10 years.

After starting a wedding photography business in Portugal, I fell in love with the business side of shooting photos started to focus on website design and SEO for businesses in the creative industry.

I feel truly blessed to live the life I live, work with creative minds every day, and help make businesses successful.

meet your new seo guy

“This was absolutely mind-blowing! I never would have figured this out on my own.”

My website was also all kinds of backwards. I'm looking forward to going through and fixing everything today. Thank you, Ryan!

College counselor  |  @brooklyndippo

“Ryan completely rewired my understanding of SEO, making it entirely digestible and tangible.”

He doesn’t give general, confusing information like many SEO ‘experts’ do but instead helps you craft a clear strategy for your unique business that’s sustainable. He’s a genius.

Business Coach & Educator  | @elanaloo

3 Days to better SEO

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We're not into complicating SEO. We’ve made it our goal to break down SEO in an easy 3 part series that’s sure to get you found online.

SEO education that’s easy to understand and will actually get you results

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3 Days to better SEO

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Page two of Google.

Get your website rankings out of the grave and on page 1 of Google.


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