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We're the designers behind, and we've crafted some KILLER templates to help you level up online.

Forget everything you know about website templates. These are cocktail-inspired, completely customizable websites designed for people who give a damn. And for Almost30 listeners, they're all 15% off with the code ALMOST30.

Ready for a Website that Attracts *and* Converts Your Dream Clients?

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We've designed over 12+ gorgeous customizable website templates (with add-ons like an Instagram #linkinbio page, affiliate / favorites pages, and KILLER sales pages) to help you finally have a website you're PROUD to call 'home.' They're for the SHOWIT platform (our fave!), which integrates with Wordpress.
(They can't be used with Shopify or Squarespace, but trust us, Showit is the best.)

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need a great website? great news.

Finally, a website that moves as fast as you do — just one instant download and a matter of hours from going live, looking incredible, and changing your business forever ... at a *fraction* of the custom site price tag.



Get a stylish designer site in an instant...

 No hunting for a designer and offering them your life savings + your firstborn to spend months of precious time designing something you maaaaay not even love in the end. Just boom... Done.


...that totally doesn't look like a template. 

It's just as beautiful, complex and intentionally handcrafted as any expensive custom site on the market. (Bold statement, but it's true.) If you're looking for standard, big box templates that do nothing to showcase your particular brand of awesome and require a design wizard-unicorn to decently DIY....  look elsewhere.


Easily edit anything you want. 

Or don't and leave it just like it is! Either way, no code, no limits. No weeping into your keyboard. (And no Photoshop or design skills required... that's our job, man!)


What you see is exactly what you'll get.

The only thing you'll need to make the site look great is your content. You see a site, you buy the site, you get the site, you launch + fall madly in love with your own website, which is weird and also totally acceptable around here. Amen.


Bells, whistles, and cat calls included.

SEO optimized. Responsive. Mobile-friendly. Ready for list-building, sales page-ing, client-wow-ing and more.  You know all those buzzword boxes people say you've gotta check? We checked 'em for you.

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“Launched in less than six hours.”

"Using my TONIC design, I was able to get a beautiful and efficient website launched in less than SIX HOURS without the help of a developer or designer. Go for it, you will not regret it!" — Catherine

“The download to completion couldn't be easier.”

"No more buying templates that are hard to use and getting stuck. The best part is that I put everything together in one weekend. The download to completion couldn't be easier." — Liz

“Easy, intuitive and quick.”

Customizing my site template was easy, intuitive, and quick! I did it on my own in my 'spare time' which as a mom of two and business know is basically non-existent." — Amy

“Up and running in one week.”

"I spent months working on my old website. I was trying to save money by using price-driven web templates that needed custom coding.... but ended up with nothing to show for it. Because of TONIC, I had a full customized website up and running in ONE WEEK, y’all! Yes, I said ONE WEEK." — Kylie


“One of the best investments I've ever made!”

It’s an amazing feeling to have a website that represents my growth in my brand + business and I LOVE that it gives me room to grow. I love my site — one of the best investments I've ever made! — Joi

“You have to invest in yourself to move forward.”

“Don’t hesitate! Yes, it’s an investment, but you have to invest in yourself and your work to move forward. In a crowded virtual world it’s more important than ever to have a website that stands out.” -  Prairie

“Tonic sites are worth the investment 10x over...”

Invest in yourself — whether you are offering a high-end product or service, you have to make your client feel comfortable with hiring or purchasing from you. Tonic sites are worth the investment 10x over and will serve you in the long run. — Jonathan & Jessica

“Best investment I've ever made for my business...”

"I was astonished at how quickly my business changed.. within the first week of launching my new website, the type of inquiries I was getting had changed. My ideal clients have been pouring in. This may be the best investment I've ever made for my business." — Audrey 


“Because of Tonic... I am PROUD of my website!”

"Because of Tonic, my brand feels cohesive, and I am PROUD of my website! For the longest time, I preferred people go to my Instagram because I was so ashamed of my website. Now I encourage them to look at everything on my site!" — Heather

“Suddenly, everything in my business feels elevated...”

Honestly, it’s been a game-changer. Having such a gorgeous, full-featured site has had a huge ripple effect. Suddenly, everything in my business, from my focus and productivity to the content I’m creating feels elevated, as though it has to live up to my website! — Lauren

“I feel confident, I feel proud, and I feel hopeful.” 

“*Getting choked up as I type* I feel confident, I feel proud, and I feel hopeful. I feel like a professional and that we now have a stage to showcase the craft that we've worked hard to master.” — The Papes

“Never have I been so excited about my website...”

"Never in my 12 years of business have I ever been so excited about my website. I always had that "Ugh, I need to update this and rebrand soon" feeling, but no more! My old websites were just websites... now I have an online experience that gets complimented by so many!" — Courtney


“Quadrupled the amount of weddings we had booked.”

We launched our Tonic site less than two months ago and have since quadrupled the amount of weddings we had booked before then. For the first time in our business, we are proud of our site! — The Papes

“Attracting our ideal client over and over again...”

“The results were almost instant. Our investment paid itself off within months and we began attracting our ideal client over and over again. The best part was the level of confidence our clients had in us before we even met with them! — Erica & Jon

“My inquiries have tripled... it's been a game changer.”

"My website views have doubled, my inquiries have tripled and the average time someone is spending on my site has gone from 48 seconds to two minutes. It's been a game changer for my business, but also my heart." — Stacy

“I just booked a dream partnership / client...”

“It has ABSOLUTELY impacted my business and sales. My site has been live for a little over a month, and last week I just booked a dream partnership/client I wouldn’t have dreamed of booking even a few short months ago.” — Rachael


“Tonic sites add instant legitimacy to your business.”

DO IT. In addition to being the chícest designs out there, owners Jeff and Jen are so down to earth, understand aesthetic and marketing, and have designed their sites around your success. Tonic sites add instant legitimacy to your business.  — Lauren

“Learn from my experience and don't wait...”

"If you’re putting off getting a TONIC site, learn from my experience and don’t wait any longer. It will be the site you’ll wish you always had!" — Talia

“Just go for it! It's so worth the investment..”

“Just go for it! It’s so worth the investment and leaves you with a website you can change completely to your liking. It makes you excited and proud every single time you open the end result, and your clients’ feedback will speak for itself.” — Eva Marie

“DO IT, You won't regret it!"

Too cheesy to say 'DO IT, You won't regret it?' Because it’s true. Your business will grow. Your bookings will increase. You'll be able to raise your prices. You'll attract and book your dream clients. You’ll be more confident than ever before in your brand. It's a no brainer!" — Caroline


You're one click away from a website that's going to change the game for you and your business. Get excited.

Browse Some Killer Tonic Customer Websites:

Our templates are used by coaches, photographers, influencers, creatives, stylists, social media managers and
small businesses all over the world.

“I can now say from experience, it feels phenomenal to have your corner of the internet feel like HOME. If you're tired of being embarrassed by your outdated website or are craving something that can really feel like YOURS – TONIC is your people. This is the BEST solution to web design I've ever come across.”

- elanaloo,

“I thought I needed a custom website built from scratch (an undertaking I had zero time for) but found exactly what I needed in your template! All I had to do was plug in my copy and my images and voila! It was truly that easy! Now when I send people to my website, I do so with such excitement! Hell, I even visit my own site just to go for the ride!”

- courtney,

“Not only were Tonic's websites the most beautifully designed Showit templates we have seen, but they have allowed us to build a website that feels like home AND converts visitors! We loved having a base that looked inviting and was easy to make our own. Our work is SO elevated by our Tonic site!”

“I’m a picky Creative Director / Brand Strategist I haven’t found any other templates that have quite the sophistication of graphic design, ease of use, and personality. You typically have to have a custom site built to get those ingredients, and with TONIC, I INSTANTLY had a custom site for much less.”

- Debbie,

“A TONIC site is so worth it! I could talk for days about the attention to detail, the clear user experience, the thoughtful layout...all of it. They were easily available for questions and my new site has truly elevated my work and made me stand out. I've booked 3 weddings since I launched my new site just two weeks ago!”

- Leigh ann,

watch us take a bold, colorful margarita to a cool, minimal customization  in two minutes (it's kind of hypnotic) 

It's Really This Easy.

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