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The TONIC Toolkit

Managing an online presence is hard work and building your website can be overwhelming. We totally get that, but GREAT NEWS: as always, we're here to help, and so are some of our awesome industry friends. So we've curated a bunch of our go-to tools below to help bring your dream website into reality. 

Website Tools



thrive cart

All of our websites are built on Showit. It's a drag-and-drop designer where you can create and customize without limits. No tears. No code. Use the code TONICPREMIUM20 for 20% off.

We hate designing marketing emails because it's so hard to make them look pretty. And then FloDesk came in and saved the day by making email easy and pretty. Win-win! Tonic Regulars save 50%
with code TONICVIP

Our shopping cart, order fulfillment, payment plans, affiliate program and more is all managed by Thrive Cart. It has literally changed the game for us and has helped increase our sales.

Google Domains


Uber suggest

We're all about keeping things simple, and Google Domains is just that. It's the easiest place to snag your domain and manage all your DNS settings. Plus it pairs beautifully with G-Suite.

The Brand Cocktail Quiz you probably took when you first visited our site? Powered by Interact. We had it set up hours before launch and in just 1 year, our list grew by over 10k from our quiz alone.

Google Workspace is the lifeblood of our virtual business and helps keep everything centralized and accessible from anywhere. The best part? Gmail connects seamlessly to all TONIC websites. 

Our beloved business management tools:

Team Communcation

Project Mangagement

Email + Documents

Stock Photography

While we love tailor-made photography assets as much as anyone else, sometimes you just ain't got time (or money) for that. Am I right? Enter stock photography. From monthly subscriptions to to free-99, we got all your stock photo needs covered below.

Affiliate Disclaimer

We're proud to say that some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we earn a commission if you find something that suits you. See, we believe you should get paid for sharing the things you love. It's why our affiliates tell us we have one of the best affiliate programs on the internet. Click Here to learn all about it and become a TONIC affiliate.