Hello, and thank you for purchasing a product from the Tonic Site Shop! Here at TONIC, we hope that you will get the most out of your purchase, and we look forward to welcoming you to our Site again in the future for all of your website needs. Below you will find a short checklist that we would like you to read before you use your Tonic Site Shop branded product. This list will help to inform you as to what you may and may not do with the product that you purchased, without the hassle of having to read all of the legalese in our Terms and Conditions for the Site. 

All of the products available on our Site are designed to be customized by you after you purchase them. They are templates that are designed to be easily personalized by you so that they best reflect your vision for the website that you want. As such, we recommend that you set aside some time so that you can edit the template to best suit your needs or the needs of your business. We are not responsible for, nor able to assist you in completing the template once you receive it unless you are experiencing a genuine technical problem that was caused by the transmission of the template to you. 

DO: Customize your purchased product.

Most of products that we sell on our website contains a curated selection of licensed photographs that we have contracted with to include in the product that you purchased. As these are licensed directly to us, you are not permitted to make any modifications to them, copy or use them in any way. 

The exceptions to this are as follows since the products are furnished with free stock images: All Add-On Products, Manhattan, Paper Plane, Vieux Carré, Paloma, Lita Grey, Bijou & Margarita and their respective Sales Pages. 

DO NOT: Use, modify, or edit the sample and stock images contained in the purchased template. 

You are invited to edit any and all of the written content that comes with your purchased product. All of the products that we sell on our Site require some element of personalization and customization on your part to ensure that you are getting the full benefits of your purchase. As such, you can replace all of the written content with whatever you would like it to say, but feel free to use our copy as a jump off point. 

DO: Edit and utilize the copy in your purchased product.

As a part of your right to use the Tonic Site Shop branded template that you purchased, you are not permitted to share that product with any other people. What this means is that when you buy it, you can use it to build your website and that is it. You cannot use it to make more than one website or share it with someone else to make their own website. If you are found to have done this, then we shall be required to terminate your use of our product. 

DO NOT: Share your purchased website template.

While we try to use as many free fonts as possible, we are unable to allow you to copy or utilize some of the fonts that are contained in the Tonic Site Shop branded products. Those fonts are licensed directly to us and only us, and as such you must license fonts of your choosing on your own terms. Each product page delineates which fonts require you to obtain your own web-use license, so please consult that before launching your site. 

DO: Change the fonts and obtain your own font license.

We kindly ask that you include a credit to us on your website when you finish creating it. You are not required to give us credit for your website template, but we do love to see and share websites with the credit in the footer. If you do, know that we appreciate you and thank you!

KINDLY: Credit to Tonic Site Shop.

As a part of running an online business, we are unable to offer refunds for digital products. The purchase of the template license is considered used once it is received by you and in your possession.

NOTE: No returns or refunds.