First, you buy your dream site. Then what? Here in The Speakeasy we're here to help. Pull up a stool to learn all about Site Mixology, get expert help from Jen & Jeff and browse our resource library to help you along the way.


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Over 90% of our customers customize their site all on their own. It's totally possible, and we've got tutorials, live support chat, and a dedicated Facebook group to help if you need it!

The most common question we get is "How does all this work?" followed by "Can I do it myself?" and "What if I need help?" We've got you covered: here are the top three ways to proceed after you've purchased your TONIC site.



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Want to DIY, but still get that polished designer look? After you're done customizing, book a 3 hour "Just a Splash" session with us to perfect your site and answer any final questions before you go live.


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Not the DIY type? We get it. And the good news is that we have a growing list of TONIC-approved designers who offer customization services. Email us for a tailored recommendation. 


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The Tonic Resource Library

Get all of our favorite tips and tools, from building your site, developing your brand, writing copy, adding images, and even running your business a little bit more smoothly.

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There's a sickness in the creative world. It’s insidious, easily diagnosed, and often referred to in hushed conversations between chambray-clad tastemakers as “Boring Template Website Syndrome.” 

That’s right. Talented creatives everywhere, saddled with websites that fail to convey their brand’s personality and potential. It’s BTWS. It may not be catchy, but the yawns are. 

Fortunately, at TONIC SITE SHOP, we’re here to help, and we've found the cure: entirely unique, completely customizable websites handcrafted for the modern, stylish creative. 

We’ve redefined the website template – and not only what it can be, but how it can look, what it can do, and what it can do for your business.

The brainchild of longtime custom web designers Jeffrey Shipley and Jennifer Olmstead, TONIC's affordable, cocktail-inspired site collections provide an alternative to the custom design process without sacrificing a drop of top-shelf style. TONIC is the answer for any brand that requires a complete web experience tailored specifically to their audience. Emphasis on the bang, not the buck. 

With drag-and-drop customizability, TONIC makes it easy for users to change colors, add images, logos, and other brand paraphernalia, restructure the layout, or completely delete it all and start over. Best of all, changes preview and update instantly, meaning the perma-hold with that vaguely-snotty tech guy who only speaks Linux? just became unnecessary. You're welcome. 


“...Entirely unique, completely customizable websites handcrafted for the modern, stylish creative.” 




You get a stylish, designer site in an instant. Boom.


 on the fence? unconvinced? WE'VE COMPILED A handy list of the top 5 reasons a tonic site is right for you.


It's just as beautiful, complex and intentionally handcrafted as any custom site we've designed. No obvious, unexciting template layouts here!


You can edit and customize whatever and however you want. No code, no limits. No weeping into your keyboard. 


What you see is what you get. The only thing you'll need to make the site look great is your work. You see a site, you buy the site, you get the site, you love your site. Forever.


SEO optimized. Responsive. Mobile-friendly. You know all those buzzword boxes people say you've gotta check? You're about to check 'em.

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All of our site designs are hosted on the Showit platform and fueled by powerful HTML5 engine, creating a nearly infinite range of responsive design and functionality. Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to showcase your unique brand without any frustrating back-end coding. It gives you total freedom to create and to maintain your web presence. Try it free for 14 days by clicking HERE. *Note that third party or self hosting isn't compatible with Showit. 

Typically, templates only let you change the color, font or images - and even for simple changes, you often need to know CSS or HTML. With drag-and-drop customizability, Tonic designs make it INCREDIBLY easy for you to change colors, add images, logos and other brand paraphernalia, restructure the layout, or completely delete it all and start over. You can literally pick elements up and move them. Best of all, changes preview and update instantly, meaning the perma-hold with that vaguely-snotty tech guy who only speaks Linux? Just became unnecessary.

Showit has various subscription levels available based on your needs starting as low as $19/mo (billed yearly). We recommend the middle tier with a blog at $24/mo (billed yearly) as it allows for you to make use of our all-in-one Wordpress blog design integration. The Showit subscriptions includes full use of the software, access to video tutorials, live tech support, and an all-access pass to the Showit User Group community. All TONIC sites are built for the Showit platform and require an active account to go live. 

Lucky for you, there is a whole host of video tutorials available HERE, and a Showit 101 course HERE. Beyond that, we want you to know that you're not just getting a download - you're getting two designers who want your brand to look its best! Please feel free to contact us with any issues. We'll make sure you get the help you need.

Yes, yes it does. Each TONIC design comes with a built-in blog theme for Wordpress. So that means you get to use the most powerful blogging platform on the planet, but customize your blog design in SHOWIT without one line of code? WIN. WIN. 

A Showiteer is Showit’s endearing name for its users. But it’s more than that. The Showiteers have become a community of people who love to help others. (And they tend to love on you while they're at it.) Showiteers truly are a fantastic bunch of people, and when you use a Tonic site (and subscribe to Showit), you get to join in the fun in their Facebook group.

Yes! Because TONIC sites are fully responsive, they scale to fit any screen, and look the same - by which we mean "awesome" - on every device. And better yet, you can even customize your mobile site to include varied content than your desktop version. So basically, it doesn’t just “respond” to a mobile device, but you can create a unique mobile experience strategically and thoughtfully, opting to sync certain content and leave some out. 

Tonic itself doesn't currently offer customization services, but of course we're here to help you along the way! We built our sites with creatives and small businesses in mind, hoping to empower them with beautiful design, an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface, and all the style they needed to build, create and control their own web presence.

The Showit Support Team is unreal. They are ready to help at a moment's notice. You can live chat with them during normal business hours and send in support tickets 24/7. They are prompt, genius, and downright awesome people. You can get help right inside the Showit app.

Yep! You know that whole HTML5 thing we mentioned earlier?! Well that results in all the goodies on your site being indexed by Google. You can even add in keywords, image descriptions and links to better optimize your site for search engines.

Included in your purchase is : A fully customizable, HMTL5 website design for the amazing, all-new drag-and-drop platform, SHOWIT (subscription purchased separately). Just download, upload content, edit, and go live! A top-shelf, pre-installed matching blog design for Wordpress. ($250 value). A responsive and equally beautiful custom mobile site design, which you can view, edit, perfect and customize side by side with your primary site (a feature totally unique to TONIC x SHOWIT). All graphics, layouts, and Google web fonts as shown in site demo (some custom fonts however do require additional licensing).

We accept a very limited number of custom site design commissions per year and open a limited number of Speakeasy stools per month for in-house site customization with the Tonic Design Team. We also have a handful of Tonic approved designers who work with our sites regularly, and we'd be happy to put you in touch should you like to pair your new site with a newly minted brand identity. So just get in touch, and we'll get you situated with the appropriate site mixologist according to your needs. 

“To think that something like this exists purely from the heart of helping small businesses fly and have access to this level of branding that was once reserved for only the most established and top of the top of the market…I just think this is going to change everything.”


- Mary Marantz

“If you know your website isn't as good as it SHOULD be and you're riding the struggle bus trying to figure out how everyone else seems to have gorgeous websites, buy a TONIC site. It's time you look just as good (if not better) than others in your industry and stand out in a way that's unique to you." 


- Jenna Kutcher

"If there is ONE thing in your business worth investing in (even more than your camera and lenses) it is your brand. TONIC is the only resource I recommend if you want to get it done right." 


 - Ben Hartley

If I could go back in time, I would purchase a Tonic Site much earlier in my career. The high end feel of the template site combined with Jen and Jeff's creative direction and advice, instantly brought my work and brand to the next level. It allowed me to increase my prices and reach my dream client!


- Annamarie Akins

“Tonic is the PERFECT resource for anyone needing a quick and simple way to get an incredible, flawlessly designed website.”


- Hope Taylor

“Being able to create a creative, editorial, and professional website with TONIC has taken our brand to higher levels - more inquiries and bookings with our ideal clients! Cheers, indeed!”


 - Luke & Cat Neumeyer

“The creative geniuses behind Tonic Site Shop are the only people we trusted to help us build our brand, and you can trust their sites  to build yours, too. 


 - Amy & Jordan Demos

"TONIC revolutionized my business, I never wanted to send people to my site before, then Jeff & Jen re-mixed my online presence, and wow, THEY ARE GOOD. They got to the core of my brand and built a hand-crafted site around it. Wouldn't want to work with anyone else."


- Joel Allegretto

“The idea that someone could take a gallery of their 50 best images, pair it with one of these incredible designs and have a brand and virtual storefront that will start going to WORK for them and allow them to hit the ground running by the weekend is mind-blowing. It’s game-changing.”


- Mary Marantz

“TONIC not only gave me a gorgeous, sleek (easy to use!) design  that elevates my brand, but also regularly introduces me to new cocktails I've yet to try. Win, win!”


 - Abby Grace


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