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12 pre-made stories and reels CANVA graphics to take the guesswork out of your next Instagram post. Featuring elegant pre-licensed, custom fonts, scroll-stopping photos and videos you can use, and strategy to grow your audience.

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We asked the question…

What if social media templates didn’t suck?

Tired of spending hours making graphics for Instagram, scouring Canva for the right template, or purchasing giant packs of social media templates only to find they don't really work for your brand? Hey, us, too!

Get a FREE taste of the internet's new favorite social media templates and fall in love with showing up on Instagram again.

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with TONIC

Get the Canva social templates used and trusted by top brands like Jenna Kutcher, Ashlyn Carter, Katie Proctor, and many more. Save hours of time, and fall in love with showing up on Instagram again.



Better than a Costco sample

Want a FREE taste of Instagram’s favorite Canva templates?

We spent the past 12 months studying the algorithm, collecting viral posts, testing designs, and have watched our account grow around 1,000 followers per week. Now we’re giving everything we’ve learned to you – and you can try them FOR FREE.

Grab Your FREE Canva Templates →

Get FREE Canva Templates →