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the TONIC Affiliate Program

We typically try not to brag, but honestly, our affiliates consistently tell us our program is their favorite for a reason... because we know that no matter how good our marketing gets, there's simply nothing more powerful than YOU talking about how much you love TONIC. That's why we aim to make it a) easy, and b) worth your while. We pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate revenue each year, and the best part is — you can start getting a piece of that today, and we're going to show you how. 

The easiest, prettiest passive revenue you'll ever make

Become an affiliate

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15% personalized discount code for your community

What You Get

Step #2: Once approved (within 1-2 days), you will receive a welcome email with a link to your TONIC Affiliate Portal, which is where you can find your affiliate link, discount code, and all the tools you need to start generating affiliate income pronto.

How It Works

Step #1: Click "become an affiliate" anywhere on this page and enter your information.

15% commission on all sales through your affiliate link
(which will increase with your sales + during launches)

Step #4: Receive 15% commission for each conversion made with your unique link and / or discount code. (That's an average of $150 per sale, guys!)

Step #3: Share and promote TONIC website templates and products with your community (don’t worry, not only do we give you ideas on how to do this, but we also give you swipe copy and editable graphics to get you started).

“Being a TONIC affiliate is like having a well-paying side-hustle but without all the ‘hustle,’ if you know what I mean.”

- Kaitlyn Parker, Copy Uncorked, TONIC Affiliate since 2019


What other TONIC Affiliates are saying:

It really feels more like they’re helping me than I’m helping them yet I’m regularly greeted with PayPal deposits. Essentially, our people get access to game-changing, industry-leading website design *at a discount,* AND I get paid on it?! So much so that it covers all my monthly software expenses? It doesn’t get much easier to shout about something from the rooftops. But aside from all the obvious benefits, the affiliate program itself is infused with the same level of care TONIC puts into everything. They’re 100% committed to your success with it year-round — and it shows.


Customizable Canva Graphics

We've been told we have the prettiest affiliate graphics in the game. They're all here for you + easily editable to fit your brand in Canva!

Swipe Copy

Get exclusive access to our suite of tailor-made resources (i.e. sales-driven pages, swipe copy and Canva graphics). All of which are easily customizable, pair beautifully with your existing TONIC websites and ensure you're converting, baby!

Affiliate Page Templates

Instagram copy, pre-written emails, frequently asked questions — it's all done for you!

Direct access to our Affiliate and Partnerships Coordinator, Ciera, who is here to support all of your affiliate efforts!

Team TONIC Support

We want to make it as easy as possible to share about TONIC with your community so you can empower them with the *most* important business tool to grow their business — a solid, strategic, sexy website. 😉 

We want to set you up for success in sharing about TONIC so your community can find even more success in their online presence as they establish or elevate their site with a TONIC design. Once you become a TONIC Affiliate you will be armed with everything you need to make some of that good, passive cash revenue money: 

Sell 1 TONIC site per month

Commission = $187.50/month

  • Not-so-practical purchase: A framed “Dog Blueprint” of your furry friend

  • Practical purchase: monthly electric bill payment 

Sell 2 TONIC sites per month

Commission = $375/month

  • Not-so-practical purchase: monthly Goat Yoga membership for two (yes, Goat Yoga is a real thing…you’re welcome)

  • Practical purchase: iPhone bill for two

Sell 5 TONIC sites per month

Commission = $937.50/month

  • Not-so-practical purchase: Airplane tickets to Paris (ps - remember on The Hills when Lauren didn’t go on the trip to Paris?? I still feel traumatized by that decision…)

  • Practical purchase: 20+ takeout meals you didn’t have to cook

Sell 10 TONIC sites per month

Commission = $1,875/month

  • Not-so-practical purchase: one great seat at a Harry Styles concert

  • Practical purchase: a mortgage payment

Ideas for spending your TONIC Affiliate income:

The TONIC Team has put together a list of helpful and practical (and not-so-practical) suggestions on how to spend that extra monthly cash.

“The TONIC affiliate program gives me the opportunity to offer beautiful semi-custom website designs to my clients.”

Being a TONIC affiliate is more than just another source of income for my studio. Joining the TONIC affiliate program gives me the opportunity to offer beautiful semi-custom website designs to my clients. This not only brings value to their brand but eases my overall workload and project process. The TONIC website themes make web design fast, profitable, and a great experience for both me and my client. Not to mention, being a part of a group of talented creatives is pretty rad too!

- Amanda DeWoody

REady to dive in?

Become a tonic affiliate.

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Hey, there! Thanks so much for your interest in the TONIC Affiliate Program! First step? Fill out the short registration form below, and you will then receive an email confirming your new affiliate account details, as well as additional information about the program. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We can’t wait for you to join us behind the bar!

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