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It's all happening! You're ready (or almost ready) to launch your site and we've got the GOODS here to help you plan, launch, celebrate, and make sure your new site is all ready to go! 
Scroll for some customizable launch graphic templates and launch tips, too!

(Actual footage of us every time you guys launch a site).


Because we know you want your launch to look as beautiful and on brand as your website, we've made you Canva launch graphics to customize for your brand! We're talking countdown graphics, instagram story templates, instagram post templates... There are LOTS of options (like 30+) for every brand style. Plus, you can change the fonts, colors, layout, make them videos... etc.)

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Plan Your Launch

When it comes to your launch, here's a good thing to remember: YOU know that you've spent weeks and months and years dreaming of this day... the glorious day you launch your sexy new TONIC site 😉... but unless you bring your audience along on the ride, they probably won't care as much as you think they will. (It sounds terrible, but people care most about things that involve them.)

If you can provide opportunities for your audience to get invested in what you're creating along the way (so they can't WAIT to see it!), your launch is going to feel like a WAY bigger deal. That means showing behind the scenes on Instagram, asking people for opinions on what you're working on (people LOVE giving opinions), doing some sort of countdown, or maybe even running a fun launch giveaway to get more eyes on your new site! 

When you DO launch, mention specific things you want your audience to check out on your new site. Tell them what your favorite sections are. Show snippets of various parts of the design so they have to go to your URL to see more! (Reels are SO fun for this!). You can also use your launch posts to be a helpful resource — tell your followers what you discovered and learned along the way, shout out people / companies / resources you found helpful (👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻) , give them a few tips to think about when it comes to launching a new site... etc.!

And don't be afraid to do multiple posts about your site. As we all know, not everyone sees every post. So, MAKE THIS A BIG DEAL. (Thanks, algorithm).

Happy Launching!

Assuming you've got champagne on hand, make this classic favorite! (Not drinking? Grapefruit juice + club soda and a little rosemary sprig make a festive mocktail!)

Get the Launch Graphics

Let's celebrate!