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Image SEO & Optimization

Download the Image Optimization Checklist

Once you've downloaded the image SEO & optimization checklist continue reading below. We've provided a brief overview, followed by a helpful presentation and hands on tutorial.

Optimize Your Website Images the Right Way

There are two ways to optimize your images for SEO. The first is what I call image optimization and the second is image SEO.

Image SEO, simply put, is being intentional about your file name and adding keywords in your alt-text (image description). We’ll get into the details later.

Image optimization is simply making the image file size as small as possible so it loads lightning fast all while looking great.

Let’s talk details, shall we?! ...

Speed baby, speed!

Image SEO

When naming your files before you upload them to Showit, try to add keywords that represent the image. If you’ve already uploaded all of your images to Showit, don’t worry! There’s no need to go back and re-upload everything. This step won’t make or break your SEO. But it’s something to think about from now on.

Keep it simple. If the image is about your podcast, add your show title and the word “podcast”. You can also add your brand name in the image file name as well.

If there are a group of images that are all pretty similar, it’s ok to use the same file name with index numbers at the end.



Add Alt-Text

Now the next thing you’ll want to do is add alt-text to all of your images in Showit and WordPress. If you have an established website with lots of pages and posts, start with the most popular pages.

Alt-text is basically just an image description. This image description does not show anywhere on your website, but it does help Google better understand what the image is about. It’s a great way to sneak some more keywords into your page or post!

Image Optimization

Website speed has always been a ranking factor for Google, but recently, it’s becoming less of a factor for Google. But that doesn’t mean that we can just upload any size image. If your visitors have a bad website experience (i.e. they can’t see your beautiful images right away) they will get frustrated and leave. #nobueno

Showit does an amazing job with optimizing your images, but if you’re anything like me, you want more. On the other hand, WordPress does not optimize your images for you unless you have a plugin to do it for you. Even then, these plugins will oftentimes over compress or under compress your images.

SO, if you’re someone that relies heavily on images on your website and blog, keep reading, I’ve got the simplest image optimization solution for you that actually works!

Watch this video that goes over EVERYTHING you need to know about image SEO and optimization for both Showit and WordPress.

Download the Image Optimization Checklist

Download the Image SEO Checklist