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We're bringing back our most popular product ever — four packs of the Internet's Favorite Social Media Templates bundled at a truly insane price — 

Save $100 on 200+ templates. 




                      you need to level up your social media presence all in ONE bundle, and discounted at an insane deal. 

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Inside the Bundle:


Amaro canva Content Templates (Batch No. 01)

The one you'll come back to.


Fernet canva Content Templates (Batch No. 02)

A content production powerhouse.


Campari canva Content Templates (Batch No. 03)

A must-have for carousels.


Citrón canva Content Templates (Batch No. 04)

Bold, and built to beat the algorithm.



with TONIC

Get the Canva social templates used and trusted by top brands like Jenna Kutcher, Ashlyn Carter, Katie Proctor, and many more. Save hours of time, and fall in love with showing up on Instagram again.

Take it from our DMs...

Easy to Edit, Fun to Customize

We've used these templates OURSELVES and seen incredible results on our own social media. They're easy to use, fun to edit in Canva, and completely customizable. 

Filled with Photos + Fonts You Can *Use*

Most Canva templates feature licensed images and fonts you have to pay to use or simply can't access at all. We spent untold hours sourcing gorgeous stock images you can *keep* in the designs, and we pre-licensed the fonts for you. (But you can change anything you want!)

Tested & Curated to Work for You

Um, why are Canva packs typically filled with like 150 mediocre options to sort through?! Hello, not helpful. We've curated our packs down to the templates you ACTUALLY need and optimized them to get noticed — no tiny fonts or super busy complex layouts that only work one way!

Designed to Save You HOURS of Time 

Content creation is hard enough without having to both write AND design. Now you can focus on CREATING great content — we'll take care of how it looks!

Proven to Perform (Not Just to Look Pretty)

We've spent the last 5 months studying the algorithm, collecting viral posts, testing design, and have watched our account grow by around 1,000 followers per week. These templates are designed to stand out in the feed, beat the algorithm, and get your content in front of your dream clients. 

Adaptable... Use for Any Graphics OR Ads!

Why stop just at Instagram when our Canva templates can be adapted for use on any social media platform? Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, you name it. And man, let me tell you what, we've even used them for Facebook and Instagram ads ourselves and have seen the conversion roll in.

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